Narcos put 1.8 tons of cocaine in canned pineapples heading to Europe

Narcos put 1.8 tons of cocaine in canned pineapples heading to Europe
Narcos put 1.8 tons of cocaine in canned pineapples heading to Europe

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A shipment of pineapples canned in syrup, which was going to leave the port area of ​​Cartagena towards Europe, It aroused suspicion among the profilers of the Police Anti-Narcotics Directorate.

Upon carrying out a detailed inspection, they found that several of the cans had cocaine mixed with the syrup, very difficult to detect at first glance.

So they took samples of the viscous liquid and applied various chemical reagents, thus detecting a total of 1.8 tons, whose destination would be the port of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

“It is estimated that this drug would reach a value close to 126 million dollars placed in its destination, in this way a great impact is generated on the finances of these organizations dedicated to the trafficking of illicit substances; Furthermore, with this seizure it is possible to prevent the commercialization of approximately 5 million doses”The Anti-Narcotics Directorate reported this Tuesday.

This discovery was added to another made in the same port area of ​​the capital of Bolívar, when the Police cargo profilers launched an alert about a container that would be shipped to Valencia, Spain.

The merchandise consisted of 18 tons of calcium carbonate, a substance used in the medical industry for treatments of osteoporosis, upset stomach and other diseases.

With the help of a dog specialized in sniffing out narcotics, it was determined that inside the bags containing the product There were 298 kilos of cocaine.

Both the ports of Rotterdam and Valencia are part of the main redistribution points of Colombian cocaine at a global level, and from there it is distributed to different cartels that take them to points of sale in Central Europe, the Nordic countries, the Balkan area and the Asian market.

According to Colonel Ricardo Sánchez, Anti-Narcotics Director of the Police, So far in 2024, 122 tons of cocaine hydrochloride have been seized.

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