Video of Estefanía Franco revealed before being murdered by her partner in Soacha


The surveillance cameras of the complex where the victim lived captured the moment he arrived with his feminicide after celebrating Mother’s Day.

A new feminicide keeps the municipality of Soacha, Cundinamarca, south of Bogotá, shocked. A 30-year-old woman named Estefanía Franco She was murdered by her partner in the early hours of Sunday, May 12, in the middle of celebrating Mother’s Day.. The victim apparently received three sharp weapon injuries that took his life. The most gruesome thing about the crime is that it was committed in front of her daughters inside his apartment located in a residential complex in the Prado Vegas neighborhood.

According to information provided by the victim’s relatives, after receiving the brutal attack, the eldest daughter, barely 10 years old, was the one who helped her and asked for help to transfer her mother to a care center.. Estefanía was referred to the Mario Gaitán Yaguas Hospital, however, she arrived there without vital signs.

In addition, Jorge Gómez, the victim’s father, stated that his daughter wanted to get away from her attacker since she had a very problematic relationship. According to his statements to City Noticias, they broke up every now and then, but “she forgave him” and they came back. There was no bond against the perpetrator or any type of complaint for domestic violence.

The victim’s brother, Luis Gómez, revealed that hours after the crime, the feminicide contacted him: “He called me crying, he calls me asking about the girls, it’s very stormy, he was very sorry for what he did, but we don’t know anything about his whereabouts.”

They reveal video before the crime

The mayor of Soacha, Julián Sánchez, released the videos from the surveillance cameras of the complex where the arrival of Estefanía with her perpetrator can be seen. Apparently, they came from celebrating Mother’s Day. Afterwards, it is shown how the individual quickly leaves around 2:49 in the morning on May 12 and leaves the complex.

The alleged feminicide was identified as Maicol Leguizamón, 32 years old, and at this moment the authorities are carrying out investigation and intelligence work to find his capture and put him at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office.

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