the jobs it could replace in the United States and Europe

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Artificial Intelligence: the jobs it could replace in the United States and Europe

It turns out that research by Goldman Sachs revealed that recent advances in Artificial intelligence could lead to the automation of up to 300 million jobs in advanced economies such as USA and Europe.

Generalizing, the study indicates that the jobs that could be replaced by Artificial intelligence They would range from administrative tasks to document reviews.

On the contrary, the results highlighted that those jobs that require a humane and delicate approach, for example, caring for patients in critical conditions or issuing judicial rulings.

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As if this were not enough, there are some professions and careers such as law and administrative work that would face serious risks when replaced by automated systems.

The numbers of the study that has Artificial Intelligence as the protagonist

Translating what has already been expressed into data, the study revealed that 63% of the workforce of USA would keep his jobs with few adjustments, while 30% would not see direct impact.

However, the Artificial intelligence of the future would replace around 7% of workers, something that would not also affect USAbut to Europe in general.

One of the cons in the implementation of the Artificial intelligence are the doubts and questions raised regarding the future of the employmentthe economy and society, among other things.

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