Small respite in car sales compared to the first quarter

Small respite in car sales compared to the first quarter
Small respite in car sales compared to the first quarter

Although the year began with worrying numbers regarding car sales, this month there was a small relief due to promotions and credits in 0Km. This made the used one lower the price a little and made people check back.

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The month of April showed numbers that represented a relief for the automotive sector in the marketing of 0Km cars that, due to transitive property, also had a positive impact on the sale of used cars. This was reported to Newscast 7 Juan Maidanafrom the Automotive Camera.

“From the statistics that came in the month of April, sales have had a positive trend after the very tough first quarter, with sharp drops in sales. The projections spoke of a ceiling of 330 thousand cars. However, last month showed positive signs in 0Km sale and in the marketing of used cars,” he explained Maidan.

He added that “Santiago was not immune to this trend and has shown a good percentage of sales compared mainly to March. This gives us hope that the projections be better. If the 0Km market is reactivated, it will directly reactivate the used car market, which drives through the 0Km.”

“A significant fact is that during March and April There has been a repositioning in used cars with a reduction in prices due to the fact that the factories have made numerous offers on prices and good financing with low rates. Today there is greater traffic in agencies and dealerships,” he reported. Maidan.

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