Banco de la Nación implements interoperability with transfers to Yape, Plin and more

Banco de la Nación implements interoperability with transfers to Yape, Plin and more
Banco de la Nación implements interoperability with transfers to Yape, Plin and more

After its announcement a few months ago, the Banco de la Nación finally implemented these immediate transfers and its collaboration with several banking and financial entities, as well as the Yape and Plin digital payment applications. – Credit Composition Infobae/Edwin Montesinos/andina/Banco de la Nación/Diffusion

This Thursday, May 16, National bank has announced the implementation of its interoperability, which was announced months ago. This new digital function will allow your customers to make and receive interbank transfers using only the cell phone number. This innovation seeks to adapt to the growing technological and security needs of increasingly digital users.

With the interoperability The Banco de la Nación provides various services and exchanges in the banking and finance market.

“To transfer, you only need the active Digital Dynamic Key or the Token key, however, to receive interbank transfers by contact, it is necessary to join said service, through the BN APP or Internet Banking,” the entity points out.

Banco de la Nación has more than 2 million clients with savings accounts. – Composition Credit Infobae/Edwin Montesinos/Andina

According to what was published by the Banco de la Nación, those who wish to receive transfers must also join the service through the APP BN wave Internet banking. The affiliation process includes selecting the option “Transfer to cell phone” in the application, verifying the phone number, entering a verification code received by SMSand acceptance of terms and conditions.

This is how you can join, step by step, to receive transfers through your cell phone number:

  • In the BN APP select the option “Transfer to cell phone”.
  • Verify that the number is correct. Then press “Continue”.
  • Enter the verification code sent to your cell phone via SMS.
  • Wait for the dynamic digital key to auto-complete or enter your token key, accept the terms and conditions and click on “I want to join.” Ready, you are affiliated!

Banco de la Nación clients will now be able to receive transfers easily from Yape and Plin. – Neuromatics Credit

Regarding the details of this new interoperability, the Bank has highlighted that there will be some amount limits, as happens with other entities and Applications like the digital wallets.

He National bank He highlighted the benefits of this service like this:

  • The immediate transfers for up to S/500 are exempt from commissions
  • These will have a daily limit of up to S/7,000 with the entities that participate in the service. Immediate Transfers (TIN).
  • These measures aim to minimize the use of cash, promoting a completely digital and secure system.

“We have more than 2 million customers with savings accounts in areas where we are the only banking offer (UOB) and we want to greatly improve the service we provide them. This digital strategy seeks to improve financial inclusion, increasing services through our digital channels. The interoperability will allow us to achieve that objective, since it makes it easier for us to execute financial transactions in real time without the need to use cash or go to an ATM,” the bank stated in its official statement.

This advance in banking services National bank reflects a clear commitment to the digitalization and modernization of its transactional channels, improving convenience for its users

Thousands of clients of Banco de la Nación will benefit from the measure. – Andina Credit

As is known, the interoperability It allows banking entities to have immediate and simple transfers between them. This allows amounts of money to be transferred even just with the cell phone number.

In this case, the National bank With its new interoperability it will allow users to make immediate transfers with numerous financial institutions in Peru. These will be the following, among which the Yape and Plin digital wallets stand out, there are the main banks and some financial institutions and savings and credit banks are also included.

  • Credit Bank (BCP)
  • Interbank
  • Scotiabank Peru SAA
  • BBVA Peru
  • Commerce Bank (Bancom)
  • Pichincha Bank
  • Crediscotia Financiera SA
  • Banco Falabella Perú SA
  • Ripley Bank
  • Financial Oh!
  • CMAC Trujillo
  • CMAC Arequipa
  • CMAC Sullana
  • CMAC Ica
  • Yape
  • Plin
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