What is the new 150 cc motorcycle that costs 1,500,000 pesos?

What is the new 150 cc motorcycle that costs 1,500,000 pesos?
What is the new 150 cc motorcycle that costs 1,500,000 pesos?

While the motorcycle market achieves a more dynamic recovery than cars, leveraged by more accessible prices and some credits, Motomel added a new urban product popular and very useful.

It’s about the Victory 150 motorcyclea model for daily use that fits into the lineup that makes up the S2 150 Start and the S2 150 Full.

The new member of the urban segment is characterized by a different design and efficiency, with a good combination between engine performance and fuel consumption.

It also has equipment commensurate with the price it offers, both in terms of engine and brake technology and “extra” details.

Details of the Victory 150 motorcycle

The Victory 150 motorcycle has a 4-stroke 149 cm³ single-cylinder engine, with a power of 8.5 hp at 8,500 rpm, and a 5-speed gearbox. It has electric and kick start.

Regarding dimensions, it is 210 cm long; 77cm wide; and 90 cm high; weighing 105 kilos. The fuel tank is 10 liters.

It has 2.75 x 18 front wheels and 3.00 x 18 rear wheels, with spoked wheels. The brake front is a disc and the rear is a drum, with front suspension with hydraulic fork and rear with two shock absorbers.

As for the equipment details, it is equipped with LED technology in your turn and stop lightsUSB charger, luggage rack and a dashboard with gear and RPM indicator.

The new Victory 150 motorcycle is ideal for urban use.

Price and warranty of the new motorcycle

The price of the Victory 150 is $1,549,900, with a 6-month or 6,000-kilometer warranty. It is available in black, red and blue colors.

The new motorcycle has two round clocks to display riding information.

The Motomel Victory 150 has national components like all the motorcycles manufactured by the La Emilia Group. Most 150cc motorcycles exceed $2,500,000, such as the Honda GLH, which costs $2,623,500, or the Suzuki 125, which also exceeds that value.

This model joins the S2 150 family range, which starts with the Start range. This model has a 4-stroke 13.4 CG engine, also with low maintenance.

Driving position of the new Victory 150.

The S2 stands out for its handlebars with a perfect posture and cycling for any type of riding, whether in the city or outside of it. Its characteristic classic-style round headlight, new turn signals and non-slip upholstered seat provide greater safety when riding.

The S2 is a more classic model, it is also smaller than the new model, with 190 cc in length. The new Victory is a more stylish motorcycle.

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