“We have the best quality-price-equipment ratio on the market”: DFAC|Dongfeng

“We have the best quality-price-equipment ratio on the market”: DFAC|Dongfeng
“We have the best quality-price-equipment ratio on the market”: DFAC|Dongfeng

The products that arrive from Asia run on gasoline, diesel, electric and natural gas engines.

Photo: Courtesy Dongfeng

From the hand of Magna Group and its subsidiary Magma Automotivebased in the Dominican Republic and with more than 50 years of experience in the automotive industry, the portfolio of the Chinese manufacturer DFAC Dongfeng arrived in Colombia, with 34 models that participate in segments inclined to commerce and industry, such as trucks, buses, pick-ups and vans.

This is an exclusive offer in Colombia. The products that come from Asia work with gasoline, diesel, electric and natural gas engines. The offer, together with the purpose of selling vehicles with the best quality-price-equipment ratio on the market, are the pillars of the business group to consolidate itself in the country, where they already operate in cities such as Bogotá, Medellín and Cali.

Óscar Fandiño is the general manager of Magma Automotive in Colombia. In dialogue with The viewer, The manager spoke about the brand’s plans in Colombia, the pillars of its products and the arrival of private use vehicles, specifically electric, next year.

Why did you decide to bring these products to Colombia?

Magna is a company with very strong recognition and experience in the automotive industry. Starting last year, the group took over direct representation and distribution of DFAC Dongfeng in 12 countries, from Mexico to Argentina. The brand is one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in China… Colombia is the second most important market for Magna Automobiles’ operation, after Mexico, so we see an opportunity in the commercial vehicle segment.

What does DFAC Dongfeng offer to its customers?

We offer vehicles with great technology, innovation, design… We will have a network of dealers, of which I cannot give much detail right now, but we are linking and associating. We want all our vehicles in the commercial segments to come with equipment such as touch screen radio, air conditioning, electric windows, reverse sensor, reverse camera, among others. That all versions include this speaks well of what we want to do as a brand. We have the best quality-price-equipment ratio on the market.

How many units have you sold to date?

We started the second half of last year and we have sold a little more than 300 units. Our entire portfolio will be available between June and July 2024. We have a strong distribution and coverage strategy nationwide, that is why we will have dealerships throughout the country, in main cities, such as Bogotá, Medellín, Cali , Barranquilla, Cartagena, Bucaramanga, Cúcuta, Neiva, among others… both sales windows and after-sales service and support workshops.

How many units do you plan to sell in your first year of operation?

We have a very ambitious plan to be able to sell more than 2,000 units in our first year of operation in Colombia. We have the potential to be able to exceed 3,000 units.

What support do you offer your customers with these products?

We provide a three-year or 200,000-kilometer warranty on all our models, whether in gasoline, diesel or natural gas technology.

Let’s talk a little about the segments where they participate.

We are going to participate from light vehicles and light trucks of 1.5 tons to tractors. From the smallest to the largest will have versions with Euro 6 Isuzu and Cummins diesel engines. Our offer is strong in clean technologies, with vehicles that use 100% natural gas vehicles from the factory, and with 100% electric motorization. We will also have chassis for buses, a market with a very strong opportunity, and we will also have an offer in cargo and passenger vans, as well as electric pick-ups.

What will be your flagship product?

We have many great products, one of them is the Captain E, which are the DHR and DKR, between 3.2 to 3.7 tons of loading capacity. The Captain T also stands out, a 100% natural gas vehicle from the factory, with a 3-year or 200,000-kilometer warranty, with about 2.3 tons of load capacity.

They will also have electric vehicles. Why bet on this technology in commercial vehicles?

In Colombia there is growth in clean and electrical technologies. We see that in the case of large fleets there is a strong opportunity, with companies that want to invest in the renewal of their vehicles. There is a great opportunity.

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And in the case of private vehicles?

I cannot give many details, but our plan is to enter the electric vehicle segment in 2025, accompanied by at least six models with these clean technologies and also with natural gas vehicles.

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