Teachers’ health, among friends


Among friends: this is how the software for teacher health was delivered. More than 45 billion pesos were handed over ‘by hand’ to an old acquaintance of the president of Fiduprevisora, Jhon Mauricio Marín.

Source: W Radio

President Gustavo Petro warned this week that one of the problems with the teachers’ new health model was related to a failure in the contracted softwaresince he was addressing the teachers with the same operators as always.


Follow the W found that behind the software called HORUS HELTH an old acquaintance of the current president of the Fiduprevisora,Jhon Mauricio Marín; is about Jorge Rocha Paternina, who was the health contractor for the pensioners of Ferrocarriles de Colombia through Sumimedical when Marín was the director. Also at that time, Rocha It came with the same software which today has the teachers’ health system in trouble.

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Jorge Rocha, in addition to Fiduprevisora, is also an old acquaintance in the Ministry of Education and in FOMAG, because for more than 15 years it has been winning the million-dollar health contract for teachers in the departments of Antioquia and Chocó, through the company VITAL NETWORK.

The man was reincarnated in this new model, being the owner of the software HORUS HEALTHthe technological system that today has in check the health of teachers.

La W learned that this software was hand-delivered to Jorge Rocha and has a cost of more than 45 billion pesos for a period of 18 months. The same with the same?

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