This is how the price of hotels has risen for the summer of 2024: almost 135 euros per night

This is how the price of hotels has risen for the summer of 2024: almost 135 euros per night
This is how the price of hotels has risen for the summer of 2024: almost 135 euros per night

A hotel in Marbella. (Jon Nazca/Reuters)

He hotel prices in Spain It is increasingly expensive. And for the summer, new increases are expected, in good news for the tourism industry… and bad news for tourists.

In the first quarter of the year, the average price of hotels has experienced a significant increase, up to almost 135 euros per night, according to the Hotel Sector Barometer prepared by STR and Cushman & Wakefield. This increase, of 11.7% compared to the previous year, has been reflected mainly in cities such as Canary Islands, Marbella and Barcelona, where rooms already exceed 150 euros per night. Instead, Zaragoza and Córdoba They had the most affordable prices.

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The inflation, which skyrocketed in March 2023, has contributed significantly to the increase in hotel prices. The increase of energy costshousing and food has had a direct impact on hotel rates, with an increase of 25.5% compared to the previous year.

Price escalation will continue for the rest of the year, driven by international events and festivals planned for summer 2024. For example, the return of big events in Barcelona After the pandemic, such as the Mobile World Congress, which exceeded 100,000 attendees, has generated high occupancy in the month of February and higher rates in luxury hotels such as the W Barcelona and the Hotel Arts.

Despite this increase in cost, it is expected that the hotel occupancy in Spain during the summer of 2024 will remain high, reaching levels higher than before the pandemic. This will allow the good streak in the industry to continue. According to data from ObservaTUR and Amadeus Hospitality, occupancy in the main cities and beach destinations in Spain has reached record numbers in the last yearwith a large influx of both national and international tourists: 85 million travelers arrived, 1.8% more than in 2019. The most expensive month will once again be August, the most common for taking vacations.

The price increase is not exclusive to Spain. In Europe, Greece has seen hotel prices rise up to 226 euros per night; on the contrary in Cyprus have decreased at 26 euros due to a drop in tourist demand.

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The hotel train that connects Spain with the rest of Europe: trips of up to 30 euros and speeds of 200.

According to a recent Trivago report, the cheapest destinations are mainly in the interior of the country and in certain lesser-known coastal regions. Estremadurawith cities like Cáceres and Mérida, stands out for its affordable hotel rates. The region, known for its historical and cultural wealth, offers average prices around 50 euros per night. The same way, Castilla la Manchawith towns such as Toledo and Cuenca, presents an affordable offer, around 55 euros per night.

In the coastal area, Galicia It is emerging as one of the most economical regions. Cities like Vigo and A Coruña They offer accommodation with average rates of approximately 60 euros per night. On the Mediterranean coast, the province of Almeria It also stands out for its competitive prices, especially in locations such as Sea Rocks.

Rural tourism also presents economic alternatives, especially in regions such as Aragon and Castilla y León.

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