Special: Marketer’s Day 2024 – Marketer’s Day 2024

Special: Marketer’s Day 2024 – Marketer’s Day 2024
Special: Marketer’s Day 2024 – Marketer’s Day 2024

lMarketers are in charge of managing people’s journey to achieve an action from start to finish.

For marketers, the stakes are increasingly higher as the market becomes more saturated.

Every brand feels like thousands of competitors appear every day, which can push teams to prioritize quantity over quality. Likewise, uncertainty and tight budgets mean that marketers’ functions are limited, so they must resort to innovation in all their processes.

Modern marketing methods rely heavily on technology, not only because industry professionals must meet people where they naturally are, online, but because there are now solutions that help measure the effectiveness of each campaign and content.

Due to the above, it is increasingly important for marketing professionals to understand topics such as: SEO, omnichannel, formats and analysis of metrics and data. Additionally, any marketer who cannot understand how customers arrive at the product or service will not be able to understand what attracts them, nor will you be able to predict the investment environment.

To delve into the above topics, and to celebrate Marketer’s Day in 2024, P&M interviewed six marketing leaders from different categories.

Happy day to all marketers!

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