A project seeks to optimize the maintenance of wind farms through software

In the sector of wind power, one of the most common problems faced by workers and the companies responsible for maintenance are breakdowns, since their repair is expensive and takes a long time due to the complicated environment of wind farms. For this reason, several projects are being carried out that seek advance digitalization of these facilities, and one of them is the one in which they participate Tekniker and Tamoin.

The Tekniker technology center, member of Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), and the Biscayan company Tamoin, specialized in comprehensive solutions for the Energy, Oil & Gas, Renewable and Industrial sectorshave collaborated to create a software dedicated to the maintenance of wind farms. With integrated tools like Artificial intelligencethis system gives a automatic fault diagnosis and offers technical staff, through a mobile app, a guide to quickly resolve failures.

“The solution collect the necessary information associated with the maintenance part, provides a diagnosis of the wind turbine’s situation, proposes the optimal sequence of tasks to solve the detected problem and records the steps carried out to adapt the recommendations based on the frequency of success,” explains Egoitz Konde, Tekniker researcher and one of those responsible for the project. Furthermore, by keeping all the traceability of the information carried out by the technicians in a structured way, it can be used in the future to reduce and optimize maintenance times.

Tamoin’s objective with this initiative is to generate necessary knowledge about the operation and maintenance services it performs on wind turbines to advance in a system that can be extrapolated to any renewable energy generation plant. The Bilbao-based company has other subsidiaries throughout the State and abroad, specifically in the United Kingdom and Peru. It seeks to advance its area of ​​wind energy with this and other projects such as the Nautilus R&Dwhere it develops a semi-submersible floating structure that supports wind installations at sea.

One of the objectives of the SPRI Group is the digital transformation of Basque companies. It drives her through digitization aid programs such as Smart Industry, BDIH Konexio, Industrial Cybersecurity, Enpresa Digitala or Inplantalariak, among others.

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