recommendations so that your life and your appliances are not at risk during an electrical storm

recommendations so that your life and your appliances are not at risk during an electrical storm
recommendations so that your life and your appliances are not at risk during an electrical storm

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He La Niña phenomenon It is being consolidated in various parts of Colombia. The increase in rainfall in the country has been considerable in recent days. Medellín and its Metropolitan Area have experienced torrential downpours during the last week.

Several of them have included thunderstorms. He Aburrá Valley, according to information published by the Siata, is one of the areas of Colombia most prone to lightning strikes due to its mountainous topography. Therefore, during this rainy season it can be expected that the citizens of this subregion of the department will have to face heavy rains.

According to the estimates weather forecasts published by, it is expected that between this Monday, May 20 and Sunday, the 26th, There are frequent rains in Medellín. Of those days, it is estimated that those of this Monday night, those of Thursday and Friday, may include electric shocks.

For this reason, at EL COLOMBIANO we make recommendations to protect yourself during an electrical storm and avoid damage to your homes.

What to do if the thunderstorm catches you outside your home?

According to a publication made by the government of Nuevo León, Mexico, if a thunderstorm catches you outside your home, you should avoid staying in open spaces And if you are in one that is high, like a mountain, you should get away as soon as possible because lightning usually strikes at the highest points they can find.

The authorities They recommend releasing any metal material that is nearby., including umbrellas, to prevent them, being electrical conductors, from attracting shocks. In that same sense, they recommend leaving places that contain this type of objects such as telephone lines, lighting, among others.

Meanwhile, the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, For its acronym in English, it recommends that if you are outside, in an open field, you get into a squatting position, trying to have as little contact as possible with the ground.

What to do to avoid damage to your home?

For its part, although the home is considered one of the safest places to be during a thunderstorm, the CDC also made some recommendations to avoid dangers inside the house.

On the one hand, It is recommended that people avoid contact with any source of water, since electricity from lightning can often be conducted through pipes in residential areas.

On the other hand, It is recommended that you avoid the use of technological elements such as computers, washing machines, video games, stoves, electric stoves, televisions, radios, among others. that run on electricity. On the one hand, to avoid health problems because the electricity from lightning is conducted through electrical systems. On the other hand, to protect appliances from burning.

In that sense, according to information published in Infobae, technological devices must be disconnected immediatelyto prevent them from suffering damage from an increase in electrical voltage due to the storm.

It is also recommended that people purchase surge protectors, also known in the market as surge protectors, which are devices that manage the electricity that reaches a home appliance connected to it. This prevents that, if there is an increase in voltage, the devices receive it directly.

To avoid damage to the technological devices in your home, they also recommend that you avoid overloading the power lines, that is, that a socket does not have several appliances connected to it to prevent heating of cables or a short circuit.

They also recommend disconnecting devices such as telephone lines and internet modem cables, since these are directly connected to electricity poles that are on the street. Some of them have lightning bolts.

Finally, The CDC recommends people avoid windows, doors and leaning against concrete walls, because electricity from lightning can be conducted through the wires inside them.

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