This is the valuable “twisted” two dollar bill that anyone can have in their wallet

A TikToker told how to identify a piece that has a printing error

Different characteristics must be taken into account to sell a ticket at a high price during an auction. Recently, an example of bad printing went viral that could make a common two-dollar piece quite valuable among collectors.

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Eric Miller is a specialist in numismatics and, on his TikTok account @TheCoinChanell, he often shows rarities that come to him or are consulted on. On this occasion, a user asked about a series of two-dollar bills that had the serial number printed in the wrong place, superimposed on the phrase “Washington DC.”

How to identify the valuable US$2 bill

“Everyone asks me, ‘Is my two-dollar bill valuable?’ And the regular ones usually aren’t,” Miller said about the circulation of this currency. However, he clarified that, in this particular case, it is a series that can be valuable at auctions. “The serial number is supposed to be completely aligned between the phrase ‘Washington DC’ and the top edge,” he noted.

This case is called a printing error and the specialist showed some auctions where the price of the original coin rose as a result of this error. For example, a one-dollar copy sold for more than US$47. In another case, with the serial number on the opposite side corrected, it was quoted at US$384.

In the video you can see a series of two-dollar bills with the serial number printed incorrectly. User –

Miller advised that for anyone who comes across a two-dollar bill of similar rarity, what they should do is visit the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) portal, in the section that contains a form for the bearer to upload his coin and be given a figure close to US$67 in exchange.

What are the bills of two that can cost hundreds of dollars

In a note dedicated to the two-dollar bill, the PCGS explains that it is an unusual model, but Americans often come across certain pieces. The first US$2 bills were printed in a series of 1862. “In those days it represented a decent sum of money, especially considering that a typical worker in any of the large cities on the East Coast could earn between 75 cents and a dollar during the time of the Civil War,” they noted.

The two-dollar bill began to be printed in the 19th century and slowly fell into disuse.

As time passed, the use of the bill gradually increased, “perhaps more as a function of inflation than preference for the currency itself,” PCGS notes. By the middle of the 20th century it stopped circulating so daily and in 1976 a new edition was made, a product of the bicentennial of the United States.

“While the bill is rarely seen in circulation today, the modern US$2 note is not that rare at all,” the Service notes, adding that some are even printed today and can be purchased for face value in stores. banks. From the 1976 series there are 500 million available. “In worn condition they are worth their nominal price,” they described.

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