So you can download thousands of free watch faces for your Huawei Watch

Being able to change and customize the face of your Huawei watch is much easier than you can imagine. So that you can learn how to do it, we show you in this simple tutorial, which you can follow step by step.

Download free watch faces for your Huawei Watch

To start downloading spheres for your Huawei Watch smartwatch, the first thing you must do is enter the application “Huawei health”. Once the main menu appears, at the bottom you will see a band of options. Here you must click on the section “Devices”.

On the next screen you will see the section “Clock faces” which is what interests us. So click on “Further”.

Next, you will see how a wide catalog of spheres appears organized by categories. Here, you will find paid models, and also others that are free, which are the ones that interest us. To access them you must click on the section “Free” at the top right.

Change Huawei watch face step 3

Now, a new screen appears with the spheres “Popular free”. You can scroll the screen up and down and a wide variety of them will appear. At the top you can see the top downloads in the foreground. Once you have seen one that you like, all you have to do is click on the button “Install” that you will find under each one. In just a few seconds it will be downloaded and will appear automatically on your watch.

Change Huawei watch face step 4

Set them with images from Gallery

On your Huawei Watch you can not only download free watch faces, but you can also set any image or photo that you have stored on your watch, with a few simple steps.

You open the “Huawei Health” app and access the health tab. “Devices”. Later, within the section “Clock faces” click on “Further” to access the next screen.

Now, at the top center, click on “Mine” and you will access a screen where you will find all the spheres that you have downloaded to the watch. Here, click on the sphere “Gallery”.

Huawei watch choose photo from gallery step 1

On the new screen, click on the button with the plus symbol (+) and select “Gallery”. All the stored photos will appear and select the one you want. All you have to do is center the image inside the sphere so that it is square and click on the “Viewed” button at the top right to confirm.

Huawei watch choose photo from gallery step 2

The previous Gallery screen appears again with the image selected for the sphere. All you have to do is click on the button “Keep” to appear automatically on the clock. If you prefer, you can also customize it a little more, changing its “Style” and “Design”. The first allows you to change the appearance of the date and time, while the second allows you to position it at the top or bottom as you prefer.

Huawei watch choose photo from gallery step 3

As you have seen, it is very easy to download free watch faces on your Huawei Watch, as well as customize it with an image from your Gallery.

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