How it works, benefits and requirements – Chócale

How it works, benefits and requirements – Chócale
How it works, benefits and requirements – Chócale

Banco Bci presented its new BciPlus+ credit card that seeks to provide customers with a series of exclusive benefits that include Up to 1% cashback on all purchases.

This benefit is in addition to the discounts and promotions that make up the BciPlus+ loyalty program offer. It has more than 400 associated businesses and to which All Bci and MACH users can access.

“With this card our value offer evolved and is complemented by the benefits platform in which customers can have up to 40% discount or 40% cashback in participating stores,” the financial institution stated when consulted by Chócale.

Likewise, this new solution is made with 85% recycled PVC. It has a design that makes it easier for people with visual disabilities to recognize their card, avoiding dependency and the risk of fraud.

Benefits and cashback accumulation

This new launch has financing solutions that include interest-free fees. In addition, there are benefits for travelers, such as protected purchase insurance, travel insurance and access to VIP lounges. “The BciPlus+ cards They will also have access to VIP loungesboth in Chile and abroad, maintaining exactly the same rates and amounts of current free access,” they explained from Bci.

On cashback accumulation, what is obtained with credit card purchases is added to the options in stores in agreement. In those cases, the cashback can be increased up to 40% of the total purchase. This is a benefit that is also available to all clients of the bank and MACH, as part of BciPlus+, a program that emerged after the acquisition of the startup Krip.

According to the conditions of the cashback accumulation program for the new BciPlus+ credit cards, customers will be able to accumulate cashback depending on the type of card:

Credit card Accumulation percentage
Classic and Gold 0.5% of purchases
Platinum (Visa or Mastercard) 0.5% of purchases
(1% if you meet a minimum of $750,000 in monthly purchases or with promotions)
Signature, Black and Infinite 1% of purchases
Source: BciPlus+ program regulations as of May 2024

The accumulation limit with BciPlus+ credit cards corresponds to the limit of the client’s card. While, To withdraw and subsequently pay the cashback, the client must have at least $20,000 accumulated.

Meanwhile, the conditions of the program They do not establish expiration of the accumulated BciPlus+ pesos. This, as long as the client remains active in the program during the last 12 months and meets the other requirements.

It is worth remembering that BciPlus+ was recognized by Chócale users as “The best benefits program” at the Chócale 2023 Awards.

Requirements and rates of the new BciPlus+ card

To be able to access this new BciPlus+ credit card, A minimum monthly liquid income of 16 UF is required.

This new product has a monthly maintenance cost that starts at 0.14 UFalthough it may vary depending on the card category.

Besides, has an associated semester cost, with respect to which the client may be exempt if they make average monthly purchases of over 40 UF, in the case of “black” cards; or greater than 13 UF, in all others. It is also useful to have the BciPlus+ checking account plan.

Credit card Monthly cost Semester cost*
BciPlus Visa Classic 0.14 UF 1.00 UF
BciPlus Visa Gold and BciPlus Mastercard Gold 0.14 UF 1.80 UF
BciPlus Visa Platinum and BciPlus Mastercard Platinum 0.17 UF 2.00 UF
BciPlus Visa Signature 0.23 UF 2.20 UF
BciPlus Mastercard Black 0.23 UF 2.20 UF
BciPlus Visa Infinite 0.30 UF 3.20 UF
*This charge applies to the expired semester. It is subject to a discount according to average monthly purchases or having the BciPlus Checking Account Plan.
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