How much would a Metro ticket cost in Bogotá when it begins operations?

How much would a Metro ticket cost in Bogotá when it begins operations?
How much would a Metro ticket cost in Bogotá when it begins operations?

With the continuous development of the works of the Bogotá Metroone of the most common concerns among citizens is the cost that the ticket will have once the system is in operation.

Given the manifest interest of future users, the Bogotá Metro Company has provided crucial information in this regard to clarify expectations.

72nd Street road interchange, work of the First Line of the Bogotá Metro, the total closure of the road for private vehicles on Caracas Avenue will be carried out.

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In addition, an integration is planned with TransMileniowhich is part of a larger strategy to optimize resources.

“The model also seeks to integrate Transmilenio into the operation of the Bogotá Metro, seeking to distribute operating costs, since the greater the number of passengers, the greater the reduction in the individual cost of the trip for public transportation users in Bogotá,” the company explained. This synergy between systems is key to keeping costs down and improving service efficiency.

The plans of the Bogotá Metro.

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The metro network, which will include 16 stations, promises to be a valuable complement to the current transportation system. Of these stations, “10 will have a direct connection with TransMilenio”, thus facilitating fluid and efficient integration with other modes of transport such as the SITP, feeders and taxis.

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The Bogotá Metro Company is “committed to planning that not only seeks to keep ticket prices accessible, but also to improve the coverage and quality of the public transportation service in the capital”, always oriented towards sustainability and accessibility for users. citizens.

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