Luisito Comunica announced the arrival of Pillofon to Colombia

Pillofon is already in the main cities of Colombia.
Pillofon is already in the main cities of Colombia. Credits: TikTok / luisitocomunica.

Luisito Comunica entered the Colombian market and launched its mobile phone service: Pillofon. With affordable plans and prices for consumers, this new launch promises to change the game in the country’s communications sector.

In a strategic collaboration with local companies such as Tigo, the company has guaranteed exceptional coverage and competitive prices for its users.

Pillofon, the new telephone operator that arrives in Colombia

The highlight of this new offer is the introduction of the revolutionary “Freeze your Data” system, a first in Latin America. With this feature, users can retain their data while connected to WiFi, thus extending the duration of their plan.

“The most attractive thing we offer is that for the first time in Latin America we manage the system of freezing your data, that is, if you arrive at your home, work or where you have WiFi you do not need to be consuming the data of your plan. You can freeze it from the application”expressed the content creator in a video where he confirmed the operator’s arrival in the country.

Additionally, upon purchasing any plan, customers will receive six months of WhatsApp for free, ensuring they stay connected even when their data runs out.

Pillofon is active in the main cities of the country: Bogotá, Medellín and Cali. Furthermore, according to the company’s map, they are already working on their 5G coverage.

Those interested can obtain their Pillofon chip for free in chain stores, supermarkets and also through the official Pillofon Colombia website, where it will be sent directly to their homes.

According to what was announced by the company, the operator offers free delivery of the SIM card.

In addition, you can port the number of another operator, so that it works with Pillofon services.

“We handle annual plans, 5G speeds in selected areas and you don’t have to change your number. You keep the same as always,” said Luisito Comunica.

With a diverse range of plans, this operator ensures that each user finds the perfect option, both in terms of needs and budget. For example, the Bacano Plan, available for only $10,000, offers 3GB of data valid for 10 days, along with unlimited calls and messages.

It should be noted that Pillofon, a brand of Diri Telecomunicaciones in Mexico, has been leading the telephone market for more than three and a half years. It is among the top ten brands in activations and among the top five in net ports in that country.

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