For the first time, an automaker will sell used cars in installments

For the first time, an automaker will sell used cars in installments
For the first time, an automaker will sell used cars in installments


Through a press release, the automaker Toyota reported that it will add to its savings plan the possibility of “at the time of award, remove a vehicle 0km or a certified used one with official warranty and brand support.” This is an unprecedented initiative in the market, which will allow customers to pay for a used car under this modality.

“We believe that this new commercial option will be of great help to continue bringing the dream of owning a Toyota closer to more and more people. Our mission is to make the experience of purchasing a vehicle from the brand accessible and we are convinced that this initiative will be an important step in that direction,” summarized Daniel Herrero, current president of Toyota Plan and former number one of the company for 12 years. .

The Toyota Yaris is included in the Flex Plan

To get a used or 0km through the Flex Plan, Those interested may subscribe through the official website or in person at any official dealership in the country. This plan covers any model of the brand “in 100% mode where finances the entire vehicle through subscription.” “Reduced quota 70/30 or 60/40 modalities are also available,” they clarified.

With regards to the certified used, They are those that are less than eight years old or less than 200,000 kilometers traveled. However, The Flex Plan only covers units up to four years old.

It will be possible to access a used Toyota Corolla Cross through a savings plan

“To be certified, they must pass a check list of 150 points of mechanical and aesthetic inspections in addition to having up-to-date documentation and official services,” the brand explained. “The warranty is additional to any current manufacturing warranty: it begins to take effect from the moment the first one expires,” they also pointed out.

Toyota leads the local 0km sales market so far in 2024, with 22,939 patented units in the first four months and a market share of 20.6%, according to data from ACARA, the Dealer Association. Its best-selling model is the Hilux, with 7,064 patented units in the first quarter, followed by the Yaris, with 6,066.

In the month of April, according to ACARA, 19,079 vehicles were financed, 65% of them 0km. Cars corresponding to savings plans represent up to 50% of the monthly registrations of some models, according to estimates in the sector.


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