Don’t despair if your house seems too small: take advantage of it with these decoration ideas

Don’t despair if your house seems too small: take advantage of it with these decoration ideas
Don’t despair if your house seems too small: take advantage of it with these decoration ideas

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Don’t be discouraged if your home lacks free space to carry out a new decor, which can limit the amount of furniture, tables, chairs and other elements to give it more life. However, It is possible to try other things and turn the interior of your home into a much more versatile place.

The key is to play with those small dimensions that you have available, for which you can consider some tips that will definitely work in your favor. If it is something that interests you, then pay attention, this is the great solution you have been looking for.

The new decoration in small spaces

It is true that there are pieces of furniture that you will undoubtedly want to have in your home right now, but not all of them can look great. It is advisable to use small furniture if you lack space.

That is the first point to consider, you should reduce the number and size of the furniture, since if you do not do so you can produce “visual noise” due to the excessive amount.

Pay attention to the size of the furniture. Source: (Instagram)

Without a doubt, it is a solution for your decor It might end up costing a little more than estimated but by far it is the best solution for tight spaces.

Remember that you want to make the most of the few meters available and to achieve better integration of the furniture in the space, the ideal would be to hire the service of a specialist who designs a custom modular and not a standard one.

Think about having custom modulars made. Source: (Instagram)
  • The power of natural light

Without knowing it, you would be wasting one of the tricks in the decor of all: natural light. The reason? This can amplify the vision of a larger house by only allowing it into your home.

The fewer walls and more windows, the better. Bet on materials that enhance light amplification, so you should discard dark finishes.

Natural light can amplify dimensions to the naked eye. Source: (Instagram)

If you already had a particular color prepared to paint your walls, pay attention to this information, as it can make the interior look larger: choose neutral colors that multiply the effect of natural light.

Beige, grey, cream and tan tones are a great option to give more life to your home, however, the one that gets all the attention, of course, is the color white.

White never fails. Source: (Instagram)

Likewise, don’t forget to paint the ceiling a lighter tone than the walls, as this will create an effect that will make the room appear taller.

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