The only MG model that does not pass safety tests is not sold in Spain

The only MG model that does not pass safety tests is not sold in Spain
The only MG model that does not pass safety tests is not sold in Spain

The incorporation of Chinese vehicles to the European market has been an economic blessing for many families who want to change their car without assuming the high prices of traditional models. Although many of these cars from China competes in quality with the Japanese and the West, not all are equal in terms of security. Some manufacturers cut essential costs to offer lower prices, sacrificing crucial safety systems.

To ensure safety in the automotive industry, there are strict tests such as those of EURO NCAP. These assessments, supported by numerous European Union countries, are essential for measuring how safe new vehicles are for their occupants in the event of an accident. EURO NCAP uses a star rating that provides a clear view of the safety each car offers.

NCAP tests.

EURO NCAP tests portray the least safe cars

These results highlight the importance of security testing and the need for manufacturers invest in effective protection systems. Safety must be a priority in vehicle manufacturing, and safety evaluations EURO NCAP They are essential for consumers to make informed decisions.

The test of EURO NCAP include a series of controlled crashes known as crash tests. In these tests, dolls that simulate human beings are used to observe how vehicles respond in different impact situations. Frontal and side collisions, simulations of pedestrian collisions, and collisions against poles and rear ends are carried out, with the aim of obtaining a complete evaluation of the car’s safety.

Only one MG model fails the tests but is not sold in Spain

MG is one of the brands that is most recently consolidating in the Spanish market and its commitment to safety is evident, as all its models have passed the safety tests. EURO NCAP. Any car of the brand that circulates on Spanish roads has passed the most important safety check.

Only one MG model, and which is not even sold in Spain, has raised doubts about its safety. Its about MG 5 modelwhich received a zero-star rating in testing from ANCAP, the body that sets safety tests in Australia.


Yes, there are brands that have had other models that have failed in the Euro Ncap evaluations. He Mahindra Scorpio, originally from India, earned a zero-star rating. This vehicle lacks collision prevention systems and has a rear center belt that does not properly cross the chest, increasing the risk of serious injuries in an accident.

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