Is the dollar still falling in Colombia? This is how the currency closed TODAY, May 28

Is the dollar still falling in Colombia? This is how the currency closed TODAY, May 28
Is the dollar still falling in Colombia? This is how the currency closed TODAY, May 28

The US dollar has become a global currency used in much of the world’s marketssince it plays an important role in terms of currency reserves, global trade, debts, deposits, among other political and financial aspects of the world and nations, as well as citizens who make investments or transactions with this currency.

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This way, Staying informed about the fluctuation of this currency is very useful for various market here we tell you what has been the recent trend of this North American currency, its equivalence in Colombian pesos, its behavior on the day and the TRM that the Bank of the Republic set for this Tuesday, May 28:

This is how the dollar closed TODAY, May 28 in Colombia

The US currency began the day this Tuesday, May 28, with a value below that established at the close of the previous day; Well, a closing rate of $3,842 COPa minimum value of $3,842.30 COP and a maximum equivalent of $3,875 COP throughout the day.

For its part, the representative market exchange rate (TRM) was established by the Bank of the Republic at $3,878.07 COP, which means a slight increase with respect to those established in the average of the last week. However, it should be noted that the latter is calculated based on the operations of the previous business day.

In the case of theyes exchange houses and the entities authorized to make these transactions, this currency has an average purchase price of $3,710 COP and sale price of $3,830 COP. However, this may vary depending on each establishment or city in Colombia.

Price of the euro and the pound sterling this May 28

Others of the strongest currencies globally are the euro, which is the currency used by 20 of the 27 countries belonging to the European Union, and the pound sterling, which is officially used in the United Kingdom, one of the territories that does not require a visa for Colombians, so the equivalence of these in Colombian pesos is also important in terms of international trade, tourism and investment. For that reason, here we tell you how these currencies have behaved throughout the day:

  • Euro: This currency started on the market this Tuesday, May 28, with a fixed opening rate of $4,209 COP. However, throughout the day it has been rising, reaching $4,210.30 COP.
  • Pound sterling: The currency began with an equivalent in Colombian pesos of $4,942.75 COP. However, throughout the day a rate of $4,944.48 COPa figure that appears with an upward trend, according to the average of recent months from the ‘Investing’ portal, which reports on financial markets worldwide.

TODAY price of Brent and WTI oil

The trend is upward:

  • Brent Oil Barrel: This oil started the day with an opening price of $82.78 dollars and as the morning progressed, there was a slight rise until reaching $83.12 dollarswith a maximum figure of $83.23 dollars per barrel.
  • WTI Oil Barrel: This crude oil started with an opening rate of $78.62 dollars per barrel. However, as the hours passed, it increased slightly to reach the $79.07 dollarsholding a daily high of $79.16.
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