union says energy supply is at risk

union says energy supply is at risk
union says energy supply is at risk

After having gone through the El Niño phenomenon, the thermal generation union, Andeg, pointed out that The country is facing a series of risks in the electricity supply and even from next year we could see shortage situations, as is the case of Bogotá.

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The risks for the sector are given by several factors: generation, the availability of networks to transport energy and the availability of fuels for thermal generation.

Next year the The first risk that would materialize would be for Bogotá, that could have difficulties supplying the growth of the city on behalf of the delays in expansion networks, which have been going on for more than 10 years since its tender. It is worth noting that in 2014 the line of Sogamoso transmission, which would strengthen the electrical system in Cundinamarca; However, Grupo Energía Bogotá, which won said process, did noto has still obtained all the necessary licenses to start construction and has warned of the effects this would have on the city.

Enlaza, the company’s subsidiary dedicated to transmission projects, noted that The city could face restrictions due to the inability of the lines to transport energy that the city requires and from 2026 they would begin to be serious, although noticeable from 2025.

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Now, it is worth noting that XM, an electricity market operator, has already indicated that in some regions such as In Chocó and the Caribbean, scheduled power cuts must be made due to the inability of the networks to transport the entire demand.

Alejandro Castañeda, president Andeg

The difficulties for the system would also arise in other aspects, such as the generation, since the firm reliability charge energy (Enficc) that the system has would begin to be deficiente for the electrical year 2025 – 2026.

In accordance with Alejandro Castañeda, president of Andeg, for this year “no one could fail”since the projections of average demand and the firm energy that should be available are just enough to cover the needs of the system.

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From this year onwards, A deficit is evident that for 2026 – 2027 would be 2%, which if required “could be covered” according to Castañeda; However, for the electric year 2027 – 2028 the gap would be 4% of demand.

It is worth noting that the Government presented last year lto reliability charge auction for this last year, precisely, and that the Minister of Mines and Energy, Andrés Camacho, pointed out as successful.

However, Castañeda stated that he does not consider the same and that in fact it should be called this same year to a new reliability charge auction that will cover the shortfall. In this regard, Minister Camacho has said that Proposals such as auctions focused on renewable energies or regional auctions are being evaluatedalthough without giving clarity as to when they would occur.

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Castañeda pointed out that either a new auction is called or a reliability charge reconfiguration auctionwhich would allow existing plants that have firm energy to enter this mechanism.

Andrés Camacho, Minister of Mines and Energy

Milton Díaz / Portfolio

However, added to this is that the firm energy for these years takes into account projects that have not yet entered into. The union leader said thatIn recent years the relationship between projects that should be admitted and that have actually been admitted has been very low.. This could represent a risk for the system, which has this energy for the coming years.

Another difficulty that is becoming evident in the coming years has to do with the sufficiency in the supply of natural gas. Castañeda recalled that thermal plants are the largest consumers of natural gas in the country, so the most recent report on resources and reserves from the National Hydrocarbons Agency that shows a sharp drop in the gas that the country has generates concern for the plants.

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He said that at this moment There is not much appetite to build new plants given the difficulty in obtaining contracts long-term natural gas supply.

Now, it is worth highlighting that the regasification plantn Spec announced at the beginning of this year that it would expand its capacity to put gas on the market by 130 million cubic feet per daythus reaching 530 million cubic feet per day.

Castañeda pointed out that this could be the equivalent to the consumption of a thermal power plant of between 600 and 700 megawattswhich could solve the problem for a time, but more solutions are required to supply this energy, which is the most used for thermal generation.

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