Infobae Talks Real Estate: the progress of the real estate market in the voice of specialists

Infobae Talks Real Estate: the progress of the real estate market in the voice of specialists
Infobae Talks Real Estate: the progress of the real estate market in the voice of specialists

The series of interviews conducted by Agostina Scioli presents a new chapter (Natalia Fernández)

The vast majority of industries have been evolving hand in hand with digitalization. And even though they are physical assets, the real estate market is not immune to this advance. In this framework, the next edition of Infobae Talks Real Estate It represents an ideal opportunity to discover how technology is impacting this sector and the way in which it will enhance it in the coming years.

This is the fourth episode of 2024 of the series of interviews that he conducts Agostina Scioli. On this occasion, he will talk with leaders in the real estate field, who will reveal the main trends. The program is broadcast on Thursday, June 6 on the home page and the Infobae YouTube channel.

In a context where property values ​​are beginning to show signs of growth, the idea of ​​the next chapter is to discover more details of these results from Sebastián Sosa, president of RE/MAX Argentina and Uruguay.

Furthermore, the presence of this executive means an opportunity to understand the leading role that a collaborative model like the one the company applies to remain competitive in a constantly evolving real estate industry.

The real estate sector presents its main trends in Infobae Talks (Getty Images)

The fourth episode of Infobae Talks It also aims to analyze the positioning and differentiation strategies that real estate they incorporate in pursuit of positioning and differentiating themselves in the sector at a national and regional level.

For that, the architect was summoned Viviana Yacoub, president of the real estate developer that bears his last name. From her experience, the professional from La Plata can clearly describe how virtuality has impacted the operation and presentation of properties to stand out in the market.

Since the advancement of home office, many organizations have been turning towards models that combine remote work with some in-person days. In this sense, there is increasingly more value coworking spaceswhere employees carry out their functions in modern spaces that offer different benefits.

One of the companies that promotes this modality in different parts of Argentina and South America is HIT. That’s why, Infobae Talks Real Estate invited Uri Iskin, CEO and co-founder of the company, to explain the transformation of the offices and their adaptation to the current environment, with a comprehensive focus on the real estate sector.

In this permanent technological advance that occurs globally, it is interesting to know how real estate agencies evolve and discover what strategies they apply to separate themselves from those that provide traditional services.

Infobae Talks will reveal the impact of technology on real estate (Getty Images)

For this segment, Matías Chirom, co-founder and CEO of Baigunwho can describe the work carried out by the company for its partners, clients and partnersas well as the innovations implemented during 2023 and 2024 to guarantee real results.

The technology blockchain It has already reached various industries. Among them, real estate. Today, it is possible to acquire part of a property through this methodology, which is gaining more and more followers and promises to continue climbing in the coming years.

Bruno Drobeta, CEO and co-founder of Rextis a professional with the ability to explain the benefits of investing in tokenized properties compared to traditional forms of investment, as well as the different innovative projects that the company has.

Without a doubt, the next edition of Infobae Talks Real Estate It will be a reference for those interested in a sector full of challenges: it is estimated that the urban population will more than double by 2050, according to data published by the World Bank.

Projects premiumopportunities abroad and investor protection policies and many more elements can also have their place in a luxury program, where the voice of experts has a prominent place.

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