What a note! Now all stations on lines A and B of the Medellín Metro have free Wi-Fi

What a note! Now all stations on lines A and B of the Medellín Metro have free Wi-Fi
What a note! Now all stations on lines A and B of the Medellín Metro have free Wi-Fi

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Starting this Wednesday, May 29 There is already free internet in 29 stations of the Medellín Metro network. This means that the entire line A, as well as line B trains, in addition to the San Antonio del Tranvía de Ayacucho station, already have this service that improves the experience of millions of people who travel annually in this means of transportation. Aburrá Valley.

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The investment to bring internet to the entire system It had a cost close to $2.7 billion and was the product of the execution of an inter-administrative agreement between the Metropolitan Area and the Medellín Metro that will impact more than one million people who use this means of transportation every day, 90% of strata 1, 2 and 3for whom this project has a lot of impact because it allows them to connect at no cost.

Of those $2.7 billion, the Aburrá Valley Metropolitan Area contributed $1.076 million and the Medellín Metro nearly $1.62 billion in kind (infrastructure, personnel, energy, advertising).

“Communicate with loved ones, attend to an emergency, check social networks, read the news, listen to musicaccessing our rolling word content, downloading the Civic App, are activities that seem everyday for many, but for a population group it is not, hence the importance of the free Wi-Fi service that contributes to equity,” they added from the entity.

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Users can access two internet channels 300 megabytes dedicated symmetrical, with the possibility of expansion if user demand demands it, that is, a high quality connection.

The free Wi-Fi service began in 2022 in 9 stations, since then An average of 300,000 connections are registered every day.

The periods of greatest use of the free Wi-Fi are between 5:00 and 7:30 in the morning, from 4:00 in the afternoon to 7:00 at night, and between 8:00 and 9:30 in the night.

How to access Wi-Fi at the stations?

Step 1: Search the network wifimeter.

Step 2: register data and navigate.

Step 3: the connection will last 30 minutes. If you want to connect again, the person must log in once again, without having to register their data.

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