D1 and Ara appliances that are not worth more than $100,000

D1 and Ara appliances that are not worth more than $100,000
D1 and Ara appliances that are not worth more than $100,000


At D1 and Ara there are tremendous offers for everyone who wants to renew appliances in their home.

The increase in the prices of certain products in the family basket has led Colombians to worry more about food and less about household utensils.. For this reason, they look for the best offers on all the products and services they consume daily.

Among the most notable stores in the country for offering this type of discounts and helping to save money for Colombian homes are D1 and Ara. These stores are here to stay, competing with large supermarket chains by offering unique and affordable products.

Best of all, your customers can find a wide variety of products, from fruits, vegetables, pet supplies and food, to beauty products and appliances.

Appliances for less than $100.00 at Ara and D1

What many do not know is that the appliances in these stores have very affordable prices. So, if your blender is damaged or you are tired of the old sandwich maker that everything sticks to, this is the perfect time to renew it.

Cocuk brand with glass cup for only 99,900. In D1.

  • 3 in 1 multifunctional sandwich maker

Dimensions: 24 x 22.5 x 10.2 centimeters, in D1 at a value of $79,900.

Includes: 3 Sets of Removable Plates: 2 for sandwiches, 2 for waffles or waffles.

  • Electric Line vacuum blower

You can get it in stores or on the Ara website for $59,990. This is practical for maintenance tasks where pressurized air is required to clean, shake or dry.

  • Cordless screwdriver with reversible rotation

From the same brand as the blower for only $49,990. Includes rechargeable battery, 10 types of tips.

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