Kawasaki will begin selling one of its most economical and basic motorcycles: When and where will it be?

It will be available soon in the West, after its presentation at various exhibitions in Asia. Which market will you reach first?

Kawasaki It will soon launch one of its most economical models to date, after presenting it at various exhibitions and salons in Asia. Its affordability has caught the attention of many, which is why its arrival in store windows has raised great expectations.

We are referring to the Kawasaki W 230, which since 2023 has been touring events throughout the East together with the Meguro S1. A year later, it seems that its arrival in the West is practically a fact, after one of the most resonant specialized media in Europe announced it.

It was Motorrad who signaled the arrival of Kawasaki’s most basic unit to the german marketalthough they warned that it will not take long to be done extensive for other nations on that continent, especially those that are close to the Germans. On the other hand, they emphasized that this will only happen by 2025so we can wait a little longer to be able to get a unit from this range (or the Meguro, quite similar to the Kawasaki Estrella, which was also available in those parts for some time).

The characteristics of the Kawasaki W 230

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Although few details have been revealed regarding the W230, its engine is more than known: a air-cooled four-stroke single cylinder, which is used in other models such as the KLX230. It is 233cc and can deliver 19 hp at 7600 rpm, with a maximum torque of 20 Nm at 6100 revolutions. Finally, its gearbox is six positions.

The heart of the W230 is located in its tubular chassis single cradle steel. The suspension It is made up of the classic fork with rubber protectors at the front, while at the rear there are two shock absorbers.

The mixed board of the Kawasaki W 230

His break system It is equipped with one disc per axle, assisted by ABS and arranged in a pair of tires 18″ front and 17″ rear radials. The technological part It includes LED lighting and a mixed instrument panel: it has a double clock and a small digital screen below the speedometer.

Last but not least, his design It has an upholstered seat where black is the protagonist, in a unit where it is mostly white who prevails. It is in this aspect where the greatest difference can be felt in relation to the aforementioned Meguro, since in this the darker chromatic scale is the one that prevails, being similar to the 1964 Kawasaki 250 Meguro SG.

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