Bitget: the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange

The world financial is advancing in leaps and bounds, bringing with it new options for investmentsuch is the case of Bitget. It is the largest platform for copy trading of cryptocurrenciesand which has more than 20 million registered users worldwide and 10 billion USDT (the stablecoin best known in the market and with the largest capitalization) of volume of trading diary.

Since 2018 Bitget has been in charge of building a exchange whose commitment is to help users make Smart Tradingoffering them a comprehensive and safe solution for investment in cryptocurrencies.

Bitget: a little history

Despite the challenges, Messi showed perseverance on his path to becoming the greatest of all time.Courtesy Bitget

With a background in traditional financethe founding team of Bitget discovered the technology of blockchain in 2015, although at that time the sector saw it only as a passing fad. In 2018, after studying the whitepaper of Bitcoin and the Ethereum ecosystem, the team became intrigued by cryptocurrencies.

From that moment they considered that the cryptocurrencies They would have an important role in the future, and would even benefit unbanked groups. However, the stock market crash scared away most speculators, and less than 10% of people chose to stick to their convictions and rebuild. That same year it was founded Bitget officially.

Since then, the company insists on putting users first, focusing on product innovation and advocating long-term perspectives with a spirit of seriousness. Their goal: to inspire people to believe in a blockchain-based future and embrace cryptocurrencies to improve the way they trade.

What services does Bitget offer?

  • Spot trading: Build your own exclusive portfolio with our 700+ listed tokens and join the Bitget Launchpad to get early access to crypto gems.
  • Futures Trading (USDT-M, USDC-M and Coin-M): Choose from more than 220+ currencies and open short or long positions with high liquidity and low commissions.
  • Copy trading: It only takes one click to follow elite traders and increase your chances of higher returns, plus get more insights in Bitget Insights to make smarter decisions.

BitgetXMessi: Get closer to your goals, little by little

As an exceptionally talented player, Messi’s work ethic surpasses that of most ordinary athletes.Courtesy Bitget

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