D1 Stores launched 80% discounts: products from $2,000

D1 Stores launched 80% discounts: products from $2,000
D1 Stores launched 80% discounts: products from $2,000

Here we tell you which are some of the products that have a discount at Tiendas D1.

D1 Stores launched discounts of 80%.

D1 Storeshas become very popular among many Colombians, who frequently take advantage of the promotions available on a variety of products. Specifically, through their website, they offerdiscounts of up to 80%.

By 2023,D1managed to reach2,300 points throughout Colombiaand was visited by more than 1.5 million people who bought at least one product. Currently, it already has a presence in 29 departments and more than 520 municipalities.

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One of the strategies that has catapultedD1 StoresBeing one of the most influential has to do with its relationship with the client. According to what its vice president of operations said some time ago with El Colombiano, this is because they have a good quality-price ratio.

Through their website, they introduced an offer called ‘extraordinary prices, extraordinary products’, which offersdiscounts from 20% to 80%on a wide range of items, including household products, food, personal care, toys and sports equipment.

On their website they indicate that the “promotion runs from May 11, 2024 to June 16, 2024 or while supplies last (whichever comes first).There are 700,000 units distributed in different stores nationwide and in stock ofWeb page.

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Here we tell you some of the products you can buy at Tiendas D:

  • Red Flag Sauce Rack (4 Pack):$6,990.
  • Red flag mesh beach bag:$19,900
  • Red flag storage baskets x 4 units:$69,990
  • Red flag men’s flip flops:$9,990
  • Message board with red flag letters x 1 pc:$19,990
  • Portable pilates bar 20.09 x 1 unit:$29,990
  • Floating frame display set x 3 units:$8,350
  • Pencil sharpener with t24 alloy deposit x 1 unit:$1,590
  • Arequipe quicksy custard mix 300 gx 1 unit:$2,590
  • Red flag snack and dip containers x 3 units:$14,900
  • Quicksy traditional custard mix 300 gx 1 unit:$2,590
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