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Daviplata transactions will now be with artificial intelligence

Daviplata transactions will now be with artificial intelligence
Daviplata transactions will now be with artificial intelligence
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Jun 19, 2024 – 5:22 pm

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The artificial intelligence continues to redefine industries, improve quality of life, pose new challenges and opportunities. The importance of this technology lies not only in its capabilities, but also in its economic and social impact.

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The developments in this sector, which began in the large technological capitals, are increasingly becoming more present in Colombia in different fields for more fluid automation and provide various tools to facilitate the tasks of people in different areas.

On the other hand, digital wallets achieved considerable popularity in the world in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Factors such as ease of use, financial inclusion and remote transactions consolidated this new method of money management, which today is one of the most common. In Colombia, Nequi and Daviplata are the most used by Colombians. According to figures from Davivienda, its digital wallet has around 17.8 million users in the country.

Daviplata announces new features for making transactions

To continue promoting your platform, Davivienda announced that Daviplata users will be able to make transactions using voice commands or through interaction with a generative AI chatbot.

As explained in his presentation statement, These new tools powered by artificial intelligence seek to facilitate the way in which their clients manage their money, whether it is an employer, pensioners, people with sensory disabilities, mothers, young people and others. The keys will be the application’s new capabilities to resolve financial issues through a friendlier chatbot or through voice instructions in the form of a natural conversation.

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Maritza Pérez, Executive Vice President of Personal Banking and Marketing of Davivienda, assured that “In this DaviPlata release, not only the voice is the protagonist, the human being is also the protagonist., we go to its essence, to the basics and from there we generate the interaction. “We will continue working with this type of exponential technology so that it is available to all Colombians.” In this way, he explained that at the moment, spaces to access this new technology are limited.

AI news that Daviplata will integrate

  • First digital wallet to integrate generative AI: DaviPlata becomes a pioneer by using technologies such as ChatGPT and Gemini, cutting-edge language models, to facilitate financial transactions and interaction with users.
  • Voice and chat commands: The app allows users to interact naturally, as if they were chatting with a financial advisor. Davivienda indicates that “when making a payment, you can give instructions to your DaviPlata, speak to it and write to it like someone speaking to a friend”, either by text or by voice.
  • Simple and secure transactions: Generative artificial intelligence seeks to simplify financial transactions, allowing users to make transfers, utility payments, cell phone recharges and balance inquiries through instructions quickly and safely.

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How to access the new Daviplata functions?

Davivienda indicated that spaces to access these tools powered by artificial intelligence are limited. That is, it is still a first testing phase that will be subject to evaluations and feedback from users.

Those who are interested in accessing the new functions of the platform must register using a QR that will have to be scanned with the cell phone registered to Daviplata. You can do it through this link.

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