Travel experts give you the keys to using AI on your vacation

Not so long ago reaching somewhat remote provinces within our peninsula was already quite an adventure. Shortly afterward the map was expanded to cover some parts of Europe. Today the world is our game board and getting to know other landscapes, other cultures and, also, other sides of ourselves traveling the planet is increasingly easier.

The tools we use on our trips have also changed. From the moment we started planning it, the purchase of tickets, accommodation reservations and, of course, the gadgets that we carry with us. Samsung and El Corte Inglés Viajes launch the concept storytravellers so that you can take advantage of the wisdom of seasoned travelers in a thousand countries and, above all, so that you can discover new ways to use Samsung devices and get the most out of every experience.


The Trevi Fountain without people is not a miracle, it is the Galaxy AI used by Estefania. Photo taken with a Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Samsung, together with El Corte Inglés Viajes, has chosen seven travelers who have three things in common: they have visited many countries, they love to tell their stories and they all They have traveled for the first time with a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra equipped with Galaxy AI. Thanks to them, their travels have expanded their limits. They have learned, shared and communicated better thanks to technology that fits in the palm of their hand. Traveling with Samsung AI makes travel have a new meaning.


You’ve never seen the Roman Forum like this. Galaxy AI removes everything you don’t want to see in your travel photos. Photo taken with a Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Their tipshis stories

The Trevi Fountain must be one of the busiest places in the world. Any time. Stephanie He had one of the early mornings of his life to photograph it without people. The Galaxy AI does not save you from being naive and thinking that you are going to find it empty, but it does allow you to do a little magic: “Although at that early hour it was already full, We took a photo and with the mobile editor we managed to have it without anyone”. Estefanía traveled carrying a thousand cameras “and now, only with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, I have been able to capture everything, without limits.”

samsung, galaxy,ai,smartphone

Ericka assures that now, thanks to her Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy AI, she takes perfect photos. What do you think of this Tower Bridge? Photo taken with a Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Erika He already knows more than 20 countries. “My travel reel is the book of my life,” is how he introduces himself before recounting his latest adventure in London. He confesses that he prepares trips based on his style and that “the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has marked a before and after” for them. You have fallen in love with your Samsung camera and the help that Galaxy AI gives you. “You modify the photos, you zoom in… it’s ideal!” Ericka has changed the way he travels or, at least, the way she documents his trips: “The truth is that now I take perfect photos.”

Learn, communicate

How many times do we walk through any city in the world, stand in front of a monument and know nothing about it. Despite his extensive experience, he knows more than 90 countries, Robert it kept happening to him. The past tense verb is correct because in Berlin, “Circle to Search helped me identify monuments I didn’t even know existed”. Gastronomy, culture, secret corners, temples… Roberto is always willing to learn more, to know more. Even so, he assures that “after a lifetime traveling the world, I have been surprised again.”

samsung, galaxy,ai,smartphone

Circle to Search It is the function that helps you know more about the environment on your trips.

Marine He is happy getting to know other people and other cultures. His traveling resume already has more than 25 countries in its pages. French, English or Spanish, of course, are almost lingua franca that serve us anywhere in the world but, if we go far enough, we visit such remote corners that not even with these popular languages ​​we can make ourselves understood. Marina says that “the language in Thailand can be a great challenge.” Fortunately, the Galaxy AI on her Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra gave her “the opportunity to communicate with local people who did not speak another language and live very special moments.”

samsung, galaxy,ai,smartphone

You used to need a heavy professional camera to capture the magic of light in Thailand. Marina now only travels with her Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, with which she took this photo.

To get the tickets or to communicate with people; to plan your trip or to access all the secrets of the cities. To remove people from your photos! Traveling with a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra equipped with Galaxy AI expands the limits of your experience. Redefine your concept of travel and enjoy it to the fullest: enjoy, learn, tell, communicate. The travelers from Samsung and El Corte Inglés Viajes are waiting to give you a little envy and some ideas.

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