Savia associates the well-being of employees with the productivity of the company

The ‘yellow’ color of the happiest day of the year – June 20 – and the pink of Savia’s happiness have joined hands to celebrate Savia’s 5th anniversary. The digital health and well-being services company 360º, from the Mapfre group, already has 120,000 clients, 500,000 registered users, 2,500 medical centers and facilitates access to 56 medical specialties.
Savia 5th Anniversary Round Table

“Taking care of employees’ health and proactively facilitating their well-being and personal satisfaction contributes to making them better workers and, in turn, more productive,” explains Savia CEO, Pedro Díaz Yuste. This is the success formula of Savia, from the Mapfre group, and, therefore, the service platform to improve the quality of life of employees has turned the conclusion of a research by the psychologist and professor at Harvard University into a mantra. Shawn Achor: Happiness increases productivity a 31% and reduces stress 23%.

Savia offers wellness and health services in person, online and at home. In five years, and hand in hand with artificial intelligence, it has evolved from telemedicine to corporate well-being and prevention of employees and clients, and from B2C to B2B (Orange, for example).

Communication provides differential value in this business. Employees of Savia’s client companies become prescribers of use with their colleagues and clients, brand ambassadors with third parties because what is at stake is not trivial. For him 93% of employees, well-being is just as important as salary, despite the fact that “the 51% of workers have suffered from depression at some point, in the 36% of cases due to overload,” says Savia’s business development director, Carlos Hernández:

Customers, brand ambassadors
Pedro Días Yuste, CEO of Savia

Through its accessible, flexible, preventive and omnichannel service, Savia helps the company reduce absenteeism and its high annual cost -135,000 million euros-. Three clients explain why they offer their employees and family, through Savia, services for physical, mental, and nutritional health.

Armando Gómez Rey is responsible for Occupational Health and Wellbeing at FNAC Spain. After listening to the needs of its employees of different ages with the intention of capturing their needs to experience 360º well-being, FNAC opted for SAVIA with a long-term vision: “Well-being, like prevention, belongs to society,” says Gómez Rey.

Rubén García Bernal is vice president of organization at Valorian. Like FNAC, he established a two-way listening system, in this case to ensure SDG 3, Ensure healthy living and promote well-being for all at all ages. This allows Valorian, through Savia, “to personalize the service offered to four generations of employees in a flexible and fast way,” says García Bernal.

Manuel Asla is Marketing and Product Director at Edenred. “Can you continue with this rhythm? Do you sleep well?”: after asking these two questions to its staff, Edenred assumed the responsibility as a company of helping its employees achieve habits of well-being and healthy nutrition, something that has “an impact positive not only in productivity, but also in the sustainability of well-being,” concludes Asla.

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