Ecopetrol exports the first 600 tons of solid asphalt from the Port of Barranquilla

The first 600 tons of liquid asphalt, of the 2,500 that Ecopetrol will send in the remainder of this month to the Panama marketwere shipped on container ships in the last hours through the Port of Barranquilla, confirmed Arturo Saldarriaga, manager in charge of the Barrancabermeja Refinery.

The official also highlighted the construction of the first production plant in that oil port owned by the ally. big river, which will allow Ecopetrol to meet the demand not only in national markets, but also in Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

The new one has a production capacity of 20 thousand tons, where it carries out the cooling process of the asphalt at a controlled temperature, to solidify it and package it without losing its physical-chemical properties.

Saldarriaga explained that asphalt production begins with the selection, characterization and segregation of crude oil suitable for this product and continues in the primary distillation units of the Barrancabermeja refinery.

In this process, AC30 liquid asphalt is obtained, the quality specification that meets the required international standards, and then sent to the Refinery Landfill for final delivery in tank trucks at a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius.

As part of this process, the asphalt is packed in bags with a capacity of 1,300 kilos, to complete the solidification process at the Big River plant, which lasts about 36 hours.

From there, it is transported to the Port of Barranquilla, where it is loaded onto container ships to international markets, as happened yesterday, Thursday.

The manager (e) of the Barrancabermeja Refinery also said that The product sent from Barranquilla allows them to reach new markets particularly to those who do not have the logistical facilities to receive the asphalt in a liquid state.

On the same topic, the president of the Port of Barranquilla, Andrés Osorio, highlighted that this achievement reinforces the strategic position of the Port as a key starting point for the export of high-quality solid asphalt, which consolidates its fundamental role in the regional and global logistics chain.

Ecopetrol also said that in environmental matters it stands out that the greater production of solid asphalt will provide the oil company with a reduction of 1.8 million tons of CO2 equivalent per year.

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