SushiClub Rosario’s strategy to achieve the best price

SushiClub Rosario’s strategy to achieve the best price
SushiClub Rosario’s strategy to achieve the best price

The search for those who lead SushiClub, a premium sushi brand that is a classic in the country and that has its space in Rosario at 70 Oroño Boulevard, is to be able to provide quality options to lovers of rolls or niguiris.

That is to say, despite the thin pockets of many sectors in 2024, Rosario residents can continue to have a delicatessen product within their reach. “We want those who enjoy eating sushi to be able to continue doing so with the same quality to which they are accustomed. For that, we find a way for them to access different promotions that allow them to enjoy the food they like, without lowering the quality, which is what represents us the most.”, Bautista Loeschbor, owner of the SushiClub franchise, explained to the Business supplement of La Capital.

Bautista Loeschbor Sushi Club.jpg

Bautista Loeschbor, head of the Sushi Club franchise.

Photo: courtesy Sushi Club.

Promotions at Sushi Club

The formula he found to give that answer is to put together a strategy of different lunchtime menus that range from $15,000 to $20,000, that is, about ten thousand pesos less than the evening proposals in the lounge, take away or delivery. “We have a more accessible assortment like the so-called ‘rosarino’, an Executive version and another two-step version. An alternative that we found so that the customer who stops by at midday can sit down, enjoy and continue with their day,” he explains.

Regarding the business itself, Bautista explains that “in reality, quality sushi is not expensive, in fact one of our determinations is to never compromise on the level. We may reduce profitability, but never the product we bring to the customer.”. To guarantee this component, they work with the authorized suppliers assigned by the parent brand.

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The space offers different sushi menus at promotional prices during midday.

Photo: courtesy Sushi Club.

For this reason, the salmon in their products is imported from Chile, with a guaranteed standard: “We bring in about 500 kilos of salmon a month and we are very careful about maintaining the cold chain. We measure the temperature constantly and it is removed from the refrigerator only when the food is going to be prepared.”. Loeschbor emphasizes close monitoring of the brand, which also commits them to very frequent audits that range from production monitoring, management, work processes and customer service.

A change in management

Bautista arrives at the helm of the franchise in 2020, when the pandemic was just beginning. The business, acquired by his family, came with some complications: “People were not happy. There were complaints and the head office was upset about the situation,” he says.

Since its objective from the beginning was to reverse this situation and relaunch itself in the city, He received strong support from the company and little by little things began to transform: “It is a very present brand that accompanies franchises to maintain the quality standard in all locations. So together we work a lot to strengthen customer service with more telephone operators and also analyzing consumer satisfaction with each purchase.”

In turn, they did marketing work to win back customers they had lost: “We wanted to show them that the management changed and that it was worth giving it a new chance. In short, SushiClub is quality and if we do not offer it in product and customer service, we have nothing.”

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