Get to know the three most sought-after neighborhoods to buy an apartment in Medellín

Get to know the three most sought-after neighborhoods to buy an apartment in Medellín
Get to know the three most sought-after neighborhoods to buy an apartment in Medellín

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The real estate portal Properati released the ranking of the most sought-after neighborhoods for buy apartment in Medellín and Bogotá, the two most important cities in the country. In the case of the capital of Antioquia, it stands out that There is only one located in El Poblado, within the first three places.

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So, The leader in these mountains is La Candelaria, in the central eastern area. “One of the traditional neighborhoods that saw the birth of the capital of Antioquia is the most sought after to acquire a living place in the first months of 2024”, highlights Properati, who also notes that The sector has a weight of 5.02% of the total consultations.

In this area, located in the commune that bears the same name, “new buildings with tourist destinations for foreigners and locals are gathered. In this way, it becomes one of the most dynamic places in Medellín,” adds the platform.

In second place appears Colombia neighborhood, in El Poblado, with an incidence of 4.35% in searches. This sector, known as “the artists’ district,” is undergoing a transformation from industrial premises to residential areas.

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And in the Fourth place appears Laureles, “one of the most famous sectors in Medellín for being the home of the Atanasio Girardot stadium and for its reputation for tranquility”, and which so far in 2024 has been the center of 3.61% of apartment inquiries.

In general, it is highlighted that the commune of El Poblado has four more sectors among the most sought after that show the diversity of interest in buying a home. “San Benito (La Candelaria), La Florida (Laureles Estadio) and the San Antonio de Prado district (located to the east of the city) complete the ranking.”

How are the prices?

According to the Fincaraíz portal, the price per square meter of properties varies according to the socioeconomic stratum, showing a notable increase between the different strata and types of properties. So, lPrices range from $3,021,532 per square meter in stratum 2, to $5,098,164 per square meter in stratum 4 for sale, and from $18,775 in stratum 2, to $37,004 in stratum 4 for rent.

Regarding the housing supply, it stands out that the capital of Paisa maintains a constant flow of opportunities and this was observed during the fourth quarter of 2023, when, for example, on average more than 23 thousand properties were available for sale and more than 22 thousand in rent every month.

Apartments, once again, occupy first place in terms of supply, representing 53.4% of the total inventory, followed by houses with 15.5% and premises with 12.5%,” Fincaraíz compiles.

And he adds that “in Medellín, during 2024 the demand for housing has remained solid, with seven out of every ten housing inquiries destined for rent and apartments lead with a resounding 65% of the inquiries, followed by houses with 15, 6% and studio apartments with 10.7%.”

Sales in the doldrums

Last week, Camacol revealed how housing in Colombia recorded sales of 8,722 units in May of this year, that is, There was a 25% drop compared to the same month in 2023, when 11,579 units were sold.

And if it is compared to May 2022, the decrease was 58.9%, since at that time 21,199 homes were sold.

Now, compared to the year to date, sales of 62,357 units were reported between January and May: a drop of 14% compared to the same period in 2023, when 53,623 were sold.

According to the union, in sales value, the market registered a contraction of 10.9% in the first five months of 2024, compared to the same period in 2023.

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