Amida Digitrend, the 70s watch designed for drivers

The best proof of enthusiasm for the 70s is the expectation that the launch of the new Renault 5 is causing. But in the world of fashion, decoration and watchmaking, these reissues have been in production for a few years. The latest seventies watch that has been “resurrected” is the Amida Digitrend.

Driver’s watch

The original was launched on the market in 1976, during the Basel watch fair and its peculiarity is that it is designed to be able to see the time on the side and with a certain inclination, just so that you do not have to move your hands from the steering wheel.

Amida Watches//Car and Driver

That same year Steve Jobs presented the Apple II and the passion for futurism and technology overwhelmed everything. These were the days of the first digital watches and although the Amida Digitrend was not exactly digital, it looked like it. The hours were shown on an elongated panel thanks to the movement of some brackets that bore the inscription of the hours and minutes, with an effect very similar to that of the instrumentation of some cars of the time, such as the Citroën GS and CX. Precisely in 1976, the Bulova Computron watch was also presented, also designed with a design to see the time without taking your hands off the wheel, but in this case it did have a digital screen with a red dial.

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Amida Watches//Car and Driver

A brand with almost a century

Amida began manufacturing watches in 1925 but gained worldwide fame with the Digitrend. The 21st century model is slightly different in design, with a stainless steel case that, according to its creators, has the profile of the body of a sports car. It is quite compact, with dimensions of 39 x 39 mm, although the thickness at the highest part is 16 mm. It is indisputable that he would be perfect behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Countach of the time.

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Amida Watches//Car and Driver

The first launch edition has a glass back that allows you to see the movement of the automatic machinery, with a power reserve of 44 hours. It comes with a black Alcantara bracelet but can also be fitted with a stainless steel bracelet just like the case. The Amida Digitrend is now on sale on the brand’s website with a price of 3,500 euros, VAT included.

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