These are the job positions most requested by the 2024 labor market

These are the job positions most requested by the 2024 labor market
These are the job positions most requested by the 2024 labor market


Artificial Intelligence answered which are the most sought-after jobs in the labor market today.

Copilotthe Intelligence Artificial developed by Microsoft and OpenAI, answered that question based on a textual request, and created a list of the jobs most sought after by companies on the internet.

What are the positions most requested by the labor market?

When asked what the most in-demand jobs are in 2024, the Intelligence Artificial responded, after evaluating numerous files, that “in the working market current, there are several positions that are especially in demand” and He provided the most salient examples of what he found on the web:

  • Cybersecurity experts: with the increase in virtuality and remote work due to the pandemic and technological advances, the Informatic security has become crucial for companies.
  • Specialists in Data Science and Business Intelligence– These professionals help organizations make data-driven decisions.
  • Nursing: demand for nurses and nurses It has also grown in recent years and with increasing longevity, it will be an increasingly requested task.

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  • Digital marketing: from analysts marketing to front-end and back-end developers, digital marketing is a constantly growing field in the world.
  • Shipping and logistics managers: With the rise of electronic commerce, logistics management is essential for companies.
  • Specialized technicians in all areas: from electricity to mechanics, the technicians They are sought after to maintain and repair equipment that does a vital job.
  • Account Executives: professionals who manage relationships with clients and suppliers.
  • Specialized operators: manual workers with specific skills.


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  • Aesthetics and personal care staff: Personal well-being continues to be something highly sought after by clients.
  • Cadet: Delivery people and couriers are increasingly on the streets of the main metropolises.

What are the profiles that companies are most looking for in Argentina 2024?

Six companies that offer employment in Argentina 2024 (Naranja

“According to the results of our 2023 Global Hiring Report, regarding the most requested items, “The IT industry continues to have a leading place”explained Natalia Jiménez, regional director of Deel Latin America, the human resources platform for global teams.

“Technological profiles are key to driving innovation and digital transformation in our processes and products,” added Mariano Beltrán, HR director at Schneider Electric, which is dedicated to digital transformation in the energy field.

For these six companies, the most required technological positions are Software Developers (senior, semi-senior and staff), UX Content Designer, Product Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Development Analyst, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence.

What are the sectors that offer the most employment in Argentina 2024?

He working market Argentina is looking for professionals who can work in the Oil and Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Electronic Commerce, Technology and Knowledge Economy, Fintech, Energy and Health sectors, which have the best prospects as a result of a favorable context in the coming years. .

Furthermore, the areas in which more employment in it working market from Argentina in 2024 are:

  • Business (Experience and Sales Advisor, customer service).
  • Electronics (electrical, electronic, automation and industrial control engineering).
  • Marketing (analytical and creative, sales).
  • Human Resources (with a focus on talent management).
  • Accountant (accountants, finance).
  • Engineering (in systems, in quality control).
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