Citroën shows the ë-C3 as its own Bowie-style revolution

Citroën shows the ë-C3 as its own Bowie-style revolution
Citroën shows the ë-C3 as its own Bowie-style revolution

Citroën has shown the world a car advertisement that we have been missing for a long time: the sugarcane ones. With a repertoire of specialists and scenery brought directly from the cinema and ‘Suffragette City’, one of the most iconic songs from David Bowie’s seventies erahas shown a revolutionary advertisement for a car that also aims to be revolutionary: the Citroën ë-C3, the small electric car from the house of the two chevrons that will be available starting at 23,800 euros before including possible discounts and government aid.

To say that the ad is cinematic is an understatement: Both the costumes and the wigs come from the Marie Antoinette film, filming for five days with various production teams in a Hungarian castle with specialists from the recent Dune 2. The advertisement tells how the Citroën ë-C3 They are taken from the upper class to take them to the people with a choreography full of action, so that, just as in the French Revolution the people took power, now it is to the people that the possibility of having an electric vehicle comes. accessible.

And the arrival of this ë-C3 is very important in Europe Well, we are at the dawn of the era of cheap electric cars. The Stellantis model will compete with the new Renault 5 at the same time that its Volkswagen Group rivals are approaching as well as the Chinese rivals are approaching which will be around not 25,000, but 20,000 euros before aid and discounts. Grouped here would be the Leapmotor T03 also brought by Stellantis from China, the Dongfeng Box or the imminent BYD Seagull that is working so well in other markets.

The ë-C3 is also a response to this first with this variant, which It starts at 23,800 euros and offers up to 320 kilometers of autonomy, although it is expected that a future version will arrive with a little less autonomy and will cost around 20,000 euros. This would in turn compete with the Renault Twingo that is expected for 2026, as well as a similar Volkswagen model (which was going to be related to the Twingo at first) that would arrive later and would be manufactured in Spain.

With this fun advertisement and to the rhythm of Bowie, Citroën achieves several things. The first of them is to try to reinforce its positioning in a sector that can be key in sales volumes in coming years with a clearly low-cost car, like many of its great successes in the past (the clear example would be the 2CV). . The second, hit very hard on the conscience of the population with a powerful advertisement… that largely reminiscent of the spirit or character of the Citroën of past decades, which was more daring. Of course, we still lack the Citroën that innovated with the wonderful hydropneumatic suspension…

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