Wingo responded to Avianca in X about its change in hand luggage measurements: ‘Size does matter’

Wingo responded to Avianca in X about its change in hand luggage measurements: ‘Size does matter’
Wingo responded to Avianca in X about its change in hand luggage measurements: ‘Size does matter’

A few days ago, the airline Avianca reported through its different social networks and the official website that the measurements of carry-on luggage would have a few changes.

In this way, the airline informed that the personal item, that is, the luggage that you carry with you that may be a purse, a backpack, a diaper bag, a bag where you carry your laptop or a package, Now it should measure a maximum of 25 × 35 × 20 cm between height, length and width.

These measurements will also be available on airport meters so that the user and airline staff can verify if this personal object has those dimensions.

Likewise, Avianca reported that the suitcases that can go in the overhead compartment in the airplane cabin they have to have the measurements 55 × 35 × 25 cm high length and widthor, which include suitcases with handles and wheels.

It should be noted that to have this service, it is necessary to purchase the ticket in the categories Classic Flex and Business and that it weighs a maximum of 10 kilos, If not, this baggage must be registered as checked baggage.

After these updates, many airline users and those who travel constantly criticized this new measure by the airline with comments such as: “What a shame Aviancathe most expensive and miserable low-cost airline, they no longer give you a glass of water”, “they are going to end up charging for the bathroom on flights”, “when you think that Avianca can’t disappoint any more, they come out with this “, among others.

In this regard, another of the airlines present in the country commented on these new measures in Avianca’s hand luggage.

With a message through the profile on X, Win decided to respond: “Size does matter @avianca, what is personal is not touched.”

In addition, Wingo took advantage of the situation to provide additional services to its passengers, ensuring that in the ‘Carry On’ service, luggage measuring more than 10 centimeters can be admitted and carry-on luggage has an additional five centimeters so that they travel more comfortably.

“You guys, what would you wear with 10 cm more?” ends the publication, so several followers of the profile decided to respond.

“Too bad they don’t have routes to the entire country”, “Thank you Wingo, I will travel with you from now on”, “I traveled on Wingo Armenia – Bogotá and the flight was on time, without setbacks and a good price on the food for sale on board. They have a 10/10″, among other messages contributed by travelers.


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