Acolgen responds to complaint for alleged unfair practices by energy generators

Acolgen responds to complaint for alleged unfair practices by energy generators
Acolgen responds to complaint for alleged unfair practices by energy generators

After the company Air-e requested the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) to investigate a group of energy generators for allegedly carrying out “restrictive practices of competition” Acolgen, a union that brings together the generators, stated that they are willing to meet any request made to them. and that they have acted in accordance with the law.

The companies affiliated with Acolgen are available to individually address any request made to them, in order to demonstrate that their behavior has been in accordance with the Constitution, the Law, the Regulation and, in general, the rules that punish the development of anti-competitive commercial practices,” he says in a statement.

Natalia Gutiérrez, president of Acolgén.


And Air-e, in charge of providing electricity service in the departments of Atlántico, Magdalena and La Guajira, asked the SIC to initiate an investigation for allegedly engaging in “unfair practices” with the aim of distorting the market and increasing, in their opinion, energy stock market prices.

Given this, Acolgen responded that the offers of all the companies affiliated with the union respond to the mandates of the Political Charter and Laws 142 and 143 of 1994, according to which the electricity market is developed within a framework of free competition, in which In accordance with the provisions of article 44 of Law 143, transactions are free and are remunerated through the prices agreed upon by the parties.

“We successfully overcame the recent ‘El Niño’ phenomenon, contrary to what happened in several countries in the region, thanks to the work of electric power generators and the efficient management of reservoirs since 2023. Thanks to this When the dry season began, the level of the reservoirs was at 76 percent, which allowed all Colombians to have enough electrical energy for our consumption during ‘El Niño’,” highlighted the Acolgen union.

Massive blackouts expected throughout August


In addition to this, the generators union indicated that the electricity sector is highly regulated and has a solid control and surveillance institutional framework, represented by the Superintendencies of Public Services and Industry and Commerce, that have at their disposal resources, powers and tools to investigate anomalous behavior, ensure the proper functioning of the market, and sanction, within the framework of due process, any behavior that is considered to be outside the norms of free and healthy competition.

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