One by one, all the current discounts for July to save up to 50% after the increase

One by one, all the current discounts for July to save up to 50% after the increase
One by one, all the current discounts for July to save up to 50% after the increase

This first of July the Gasoline prices rose again, after the Government continued with the update of the Fuel Tax. In this context, thousands of consumers are looking for different strategies to take advantage of all the current discounts.

Currently, there are various promotions what are you offering Discounts that can reach up to 50% in the purchase of gasoline and diesel in YPF, Shell, Axion, PumaThese discounts vary depending on the service station selected and the bank or digital wallet that the customer uses for payment.

What are the discounts for loading gasoline and diesel in July?

On average, the prices of gasoline and diesel increased by 3% this MondayBelow are the main discounts for the different service stations

Los Current discounts at YPF in July:

  • Mortgage Bank: 15% savings on fuel every Saturday with a Visa credit card. Monthly limit of $1300.
  • 5% For ACA members, every day, up to a maximum of $162,000, cumulative with previous promotions in the Serviclub App.
  • Banco Macro: 20% savings Wednesdays with Platinum Visa Macro credit card, with a refund limit of $3000 per month. 30% off with Visa Signature Macro Selecta card, with a refund limit of $5000/month.
  • YPF FULL: 20% savings every day with Visa Gold, Visa International, Visa National, Visa Platinum cards.
  • Redeeming Serviclub points for additional savings on Infinia gasoline and Infinia diesel.
  • Comafi Bank: YPF APP 20% discount on Saturdays with a refund limit per month between $3000 y $4000.
  • Ualá: 10% savings on fuel when paying with a Ualá prepaid Mastercard. Monthly limit of $2000.
  • Santander Superclub+: Every Thursday, up to 15% savings on fuel, with a monthly reimbursement limit of $3,000.

Los Shell discounts in June with Shell Box and others:

  • 10% discount refueling V-Power every Wednesday. This discount has a limit of $3,000 per operation and week;
  • Galicia Bank: paying with cards Eminent Mastercardthrough WAY, 15% discount is available on Mondays with a maximum of $5000;
  • Santander Bank: With the cards Mastercard del banco, and paying with Shell BOX, On June 28, 29 and 30, 30% discount with a maximum of $5,000;
  • 20% off on Tuesdays paying through WAY, with a refund limit of $4,000 per bank;
  • 365 Card: Monday to Friday, 10% discount on V-Power fuels, with a limit of $3,000 per operation and week;
  • Jumbo+ and See Savings: Thursdays, 10% off V-Power with a limit of $3,000 per load and week. Paying with Cencosud cardyou get an additional 5% discount;
  • Redeeming points for the app de Shell with a maximum savings limit of 3,300 points for $4,800 (per transaction).

Los Axion discounts in June:

  • 10% discount on Mondays and Fridays on Quantium fuels (gasoline and diesel). This discount allows you to save up to $2500 per week. Registered app users can also get additional discounts after every 5 loads. These discounts increase as the customer accumulates points and moves up the program level.
  • BBVA Bank: from Friday to Sunday, 25% discount when paying with MODO and credit card, with a refund limit of $4.000 per month for super and diesel and 10,000 for Quantium and Quantium diesel. For those who receive their salary at BBVA, there is a 20% additionalwith a maximum saving of $6.000 weekly.
  • Banco HSBC: Every Monday, for Premier customers who pay with a Mastercard Premier and Mastercard Premier Black credit card, 10% discount. This promotion has a refund limit between $4000 and $6000 depending on the card, per month and can be accumulated with the ON discount.
  • Supervielle Bank: 20% On Saturdays, a limit of $4000/month for those who deposit their salary.
  • Bank of the Sun: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 20% discount when paying with Visa debit card. Maximum $4,000 per month per account. Promotion cannot be combined.
  • Brubank: 10% discount on Tuesdays or every day of the week 20%with a refund limit of $1,000 per transaction.
  • Mi Carrefour: tuesdays 5% o 10% discount, depending on the level you have. Refund limit of $2000 to $3000.
  • Banco American Express: 20% discount benefit only on Fridays. Refund cap of $2,000 per month.

Los Puma discounts in June:

  • Galicia Bank: 15% discount every Monday when paying with Galicia Mastercard Catera Eminent cards or scanned with MODO. Refund cap of $7,500/month.
  • Discount of the 10% on super gasoline, Max Premium and Ion Diesel every Wednesday up to 150 liters per transaction.
  • Comafi Bank: Paying with a debit card, every Saturday there is a 10% discount at participating stations. Refund limit of $3,000 per week

Fuels: gasoline and diesel prices increase by an average of 3%

Since Monday, the prices of gasoline and diesel increased following the decision of the Governmentto mitigate the increase in the fuel tax so as not to transfer further pressure to inflation. The measure was made official through the Decree 554/2021 published in the Official Gazette of the date.

The update in the Values ​​that will be reflected at the pumps starting July 1responds to the partial increase in the tax on liquid fuels (ICL) and carbon dioxide (IDC) of just 1%, together with the monthly devaluation of 2% of the dollar and the latest adjustment in the price of biofuels authorized by the Ministry of Energy.

As a result of the increases, Gasoline and diesel prices will vary by between 3% and 4% starting this Monday in CABA. In the rest of the country, the increases reach 10%. On average, throughout Argentina, the increase is 7%.

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