What is happening with the company? – UnoTV

What is happening with the company? – UnoTV
What is happening with the company? – UnoTV

In the offices of the Inverforx company, where every day they arrive people to demand your moneybut the facilities look abandoned.

There are no workers, just a desk, a chair and a computer, visible through the glass.

In his web page, Inverforx is defined as “a financial group specializing in international investment strategies.”

He boasts a portfolio of 8 thousand clients and 30 thousand contracts, he promises returns of up to 20% through a promissory note.

Complaints about non-payments to the Inverforx company are increasing

Two affected women gave their testimony to UnoTV.com under anonymity.

  • “During 2023, I was supposed to have my full payment in December at the latest, but that was the last date. We are already in June 2024 and I have not received my money. And what did all this lead to? That I I lost my house, got into debt and a whole bunch of emotional stuff“. Testimony.

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  • “I was supposed to receive the money and withdraw it all starting in March, but no, I sent messages to the advisor and he never answered me and we started to worry a little when We saw on the news in several states that the same situation is happening.” Testimony.

Outside the Inverforx offices, in the municipality of Naucalpan, State of Mexico, where the security guard told UnoTV.com that The staff of this company has not shown up for work since January.

  • “Here they are, sir, but Inverforx since January 15, “He hasn’t worked, nobody has come. Just now, a lady has also just left, because she was summoned here by her advisor.” Vigilante.

Inverforx also closed the office in Colonia Hipódromo Condesain Mexico City, and the executives are not answering the phone.

Customers report that they no longer have access to their account status.

In response to the lawsuits, the owner of the company, Luis Alberto Pérez Zamorano, issued a statement on July 1, 2024.

  • “We have started to Contact people with pending contracts from March 2023 and previous months to negotiate and set payment“. Inverforx Press Release

Promises Contact people with pending contracts March 2023 for negotiate and set payment.

In the statement, the company assures that it will not disappear and says that not all offices are closed.

The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users has responded to victims who Inverforx is not registered in the registry of financial entities for offer investments in Mexico.

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