New electric car batteries could offer 1 million km

New electric car batteries could offer 1 million km
New electric car batteries could offer 1 million km

One of the key points of electric cars is the batteryThis is because it affects the weight, performance and useful life of the vehicle, so it is an element that is constantly evolving.

A new generation of batteries promises to have the ability to travel more kilometers and last longer before having to change them. This is complemented by improved performance in different conditions.

Electric cars require special care for their batteries. Photo: Freepik

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Geely Holdings is the company responsible for presenting a new battery lithium iron phosphate battery, which is more energy dense, but also 40% smaller in size. However, the point to highlight is that it offers a better capacity to store energy even over time.

According to the brand, it can be used for 1 million kilometers, which is equivalent to 3,500 charges without reducing its retention capacity. On the other hand, when the ambient temperature is -30 degrees Celsius, it can retain up to 90.5% of its capacity. In extreme temperatures, the batteries current ones have lower performance.

It is Geely’s first electric car in Mexico.

On the other hand, its more compact design also offers greater safety for users in the event of a crash or if the electric car falls under water. Its ability to not burn, explode and resist damage is superior to a current lithium battery.

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At the moment, there is no model that begins to use this new battery but it is only a matter of time before one of its models begins to implement it.

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