Pre-sales of the new Renault Kardian have started in Colombia

The interior of the Renault Kardian.

Renault Colombia launched the pre-booking of the new Renault Kardian, the SUV from the French manufacturer that will take to the streets of the country. Pluralidad Z contacted Renault Sofasa.

In the first 24 hours of launch, the million peso bonuses for the top 150 subscribers were sold out. The bonus can be redeemed until September 18, 2024. «The first 150 Renault Kardian reservations were sold out in less than 24 hours»Renault told this newspaper.

Renault Kardian pre-sale in Colombia

Currently, a message appears on Renault’s official website stating that the $1 million pesos pre-sale bonuses have run out.

Thank you for wanting to be part of the change that changes everything with Renault KARDIAN! The available vouchers have been quickly exhausted. If you are still interested in acquiring your Renault Kardian, we invite you to register here to contact us.”, dice Renault.

However, you can register to be taken into account when the vehicles arrive.

You will first need to find the dealer in your city and then fill out the contact information so that they can contact you.

The new generation of Renault is here to stay with its new innovations in technology and fuel economy.

Renault Kardian with low fuel consumption.
Renault Kardian.
During the presentation of the Kardian, Renault’s new urban SUV, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), October 25, 2023.

According to Fasecolda, 4 versions will be sold in Colombia and we believe that this new vehicle will replace the Renault Stepway.

In its entry version (evolution), there will be the 1.6 engine of 110 hp, for a value of $80 million pesosthis version was not in the analysts’ forecasts.

This is where the good stuff comes in, because with its 1.0 turbo engine and 114 hp, the evolution AT version, The 2025 version will be sold for COP$89,000,000.

The Kardian Techno version, 1,000 CC automatic, will be sold for COP$95 million.

Finally, the most equipped version will be called ‘Premiere’ and will be sold for $100 million pesos.

The new Kardian offers 13 advanced driving assistance systems, a 7” digital cluster and 6 airbags.

Its minimalist interior design allows you to feel like you are in a modern and elegant sports car. The lighting creates an atmosphere with its ergonomic upholstery.

A better one said: «Something I never thought I would say, I would buy a Renault now»

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