15% profit is increasingly far away

15% profit is increasingly far away
15% profit is increasingly far away

4 julio 2024, 17:16

Updated 4 July 2024, 17:42

The current rates of return on Nu Boxes, and its most recent innovation, Frozen Boxes, are about to change again, which will leave the 15% interest rate on stored money, not 28 days as until now, but in a new 90-day option.

In its official blog, the company indicates that with this they are already three different yield options with different terms: 14.25% for regular cash boxes, with 24/7 liquidity; 14.30% in seven days; 14.50% in 28 days, and 15% will be reserved for a new three-month period.

These new yields will be valid, Nu says, from July 11, 2024, to August 21, 2024, and are the first change since the 15% yield returned in the form of frozen boxes.

The new rates for Nu boxes are as follows:




Boxes with liquidity 24/7



In 7 days



At 28 days



A 90



In other words, if users want to keep their money available immediately, they must keep it in regular boxes, from which they can withdraw it at any time, but where the yield drops from 14.5% to 14.25%, that is, 0.25% less.

In the 7-day option, which involves a fixed-term return under the frozen box plan, the return now falls by 0.30%, from 14.6% to 14.3%, and in the 28-day option from 15% to 14.5%, that is, a reduction of 0.5%.

This new deadline means that users will not be able to withdraw their money for 90 days. After this time, their savings will be added to their regular fund along with any profits they have earned.


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