With everything and its mascot, this business sells prepared Hello Kitty pork rinds

With everything and its mascot, this business sells prepared Hello Kitty pork rinds
With everything and its mascot, this business sells prepared Hello Kitty pork rinds
  • It is estimated that there are more than 50,000 different products bearing the image of Hello Kitty, ranging from toys and clothing to household items and beauty products.

  • Sanrio’s Hello Kitty is a multi-target brand.

  • Social networks have been responsible for promoting SMEs.

Amidst the culinary creativity driven by social media, one business has captured attention for its innovative product: chicharrones prepared with the iconic figure of Hello Kitty. Known as “Kitty Chicharrón,” this peculiar dish has been a sensation thanks to the skill of its creators in bringing the character to life through traditional ingredients such as cream, lettuce, cheese and pork rinds.

And there is no doubt that, Hello Kitty has emerged as a global phenomenon, leaving a lasting mark on popular culture. With her iconic image, this charming cat has captured the hearts of people of all ages around the world, establishing a unique emotional connection.

In this sense, there are many projects that highlight this character, however, it must be taken into account that the International Labor Organization announced that the informal workforce represents more than half of the total number of people employed in Latin America.

With approximately eight out of ten workers employed in the informal sector in 2022, Bolivia has the highest rate of informality in the region and one of the highest in the world.

Also in the Andean area, Ecuador and Peru have more than two-thirds of their population employed in informal wage jobs. While Mexico y Brazilthe largest Latin American economies, this percentage rises to 57 percent and 39 percent, respectively.

With everything and its mascot, this business sells prepared Hello Kitty pork rinds

@martinalonsomx, on TikTok, was the one who highlighted this unique proposal that combines the traditional with the kawaii. The woman behind this business is in charge of shaping each pork rind so that Hello Kitty’s face looks as realistic as possible, using avocado for the whiskers and salsa for the facial contours.

The cost for this fun creation is 50 pesos, and it also offers the option of adding vegetables such as jicama or carrots to further enrich the culinary experience.

@martinalonsomx Trying the #KittyChicharron it’s cool that everything is from #kitty #tianguis #hellokitty #comidatiktok #snack ♬ original sound – Martín Alonso

Hello Kitty’s prepared chicharrón has become another example of how the character’s image can be adapted to various products and audiences, even in traditional street food.

This is not a unique business, as the user named @kitty._.babyy decided to explore the famous Hello Kitty market located in Chabacano. Recommended by friends, he decided to try a unique Hello Kitty ramen. The dish, which costs $85 pesos, not only surprised with its presentation, but also with its flavor.

Inside the ramen, an adorable Hello Kitty face made of edible ingredients delighted the user. In addition, the ramen packaging was labeled with the iconic character and the name of the startup’s brand.

@kitty._.babyy Trying food at the kitty market again p1 #imgirl #sanrio #hellokittylover #hellokitty #kittytianguischabacano ♬ Falling for ya – .

These types of entrepreneurial initiatives demonstrate the success that can be achieved by combining the popularity of the charming cat with innovative culinary products.


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