Hacker leaks 10 billion passwords, the largest ever, according to report

Nearly 10 billion passwords have been leaked on the Internet.

Hacker has leaked nearly 10 billion passwords in the biggest theft of all timeaccording to a report.

This leak is the latest in a large volume of hacked passwords and personal passwords leaked online. Earlier this year, up to 12 terabytes of data containing nearly 26 billion stolen digital records from platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo and Tencent were leaked online.

Social media passwords leaked

Now, Cyber ​​News has reported that a user calling himself “ObamaCare” has leaked a total of 9,948,575,739 unique passwords in a dataset called “rockyou2024” on a popular Internet hacking forum. The dataset was posted on the forum on Thursday.

This is not the first time that ObamaCare has posted stolen data online. Previously, the report said the user had shared a database of employees from the law firm Simmons & Simmons, a tip from the online casino AskGamblers and applications for Rowan College in New Jersey.

The ‘RockYou2024’ dataset was collected over many years, according to a report

Cyber ​​News researchers, who studied the dataset, said it has been compiled for more than 10 years and the dataset released this week is the third tranche.

The ‘RockYou2024’ dataset is a compilation of several recently stolen passwords and many previously stolen ones, researchers were quoted in the report as saying.

In 2021, a dataset called ‘RockYou2021’ was published containing around 8.4 billion stolen passwords. The dataset published this week added 15 billion more passwords to this database.

The dataset uploaded in 2009 was in turn built on another dataset published in 2009 that had “tens of millions of passwords of social media account users,” the report said.

How can these leaks harm you?

Leaked passwords in such datasets can be used to perform credential theft and brute force attacks.

Credential theft attacks refer to the practice of criminals using stolen passwords from one device or account to gain access to another device or account.

The premise is that users often use a common password across different accounts, so criminals rely on those passwords to access other or all accounts.

A brute force attack refers to criminals employing a trial-and-error approach to systematically guess login information, passwords, and encryption keys.

Cyber ​​News researchers said the 10 billion-data database can be used to attack anythingfrom online and offline services to Internet-enabled cameras and industrial hardware.

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