Texas made a scientific discovery that could impact the world

Texas made a scientific discovery that could impact the world
Texas made a scientific discovery that could impact the world
Texas scientists discovered a source of geothermal energy Getty Images

A group of scientists from the University of Texas at Austin discovered a region in the state that could provide an important source of energy that would add to the oil and gas reserves that exist in the area, but as a non-polluting alternative for the planet.

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This is geothermal energy which can be used to generate electricity, heating or hot water in a renewable and planet-friendly way.

The University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) has discovered a significant area of ​​borderland geothermal potential in southeastern Presidio County.

After nine months of research, scientists determined that this area has greater potential than even some places already exploited to obtain this energy.

How is geothermal energy obtained?

Geothermal energy seeks to harness the heat found inside the earth, generated by the disintegration of radioactive elements and the residual heat from the formation process.

The internal heat of our planet raises the temperature of rocks and groundwater, creating geothermal reserves that can be exploited in different ways.

However, the geothermal energy expected to be obtained at Presidio will be produced through a technique that involves injecting water into hot rocks underground.

Although this technique may seem functional and environmentally friendly, it can also have important consequences, as occurred in South Korea, which recorded a major earthquake in 2018 directly related to the production of a geothermal plant that used this method.

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