Due to the crisis, there are 0km cars at frozen prices and others are cheaper than in March

Today, the prices of the smallest vehicles of each brand are losing out to inflation. Brands appeal to promotions and offers. They finance up to 40% at zero interest rate. 0km

The recession that has impacted the economy during this first semester and which is expressed in the case of the 0km automotive market with a fall of more than 40% in the accumulated this year compared to the same period in 2023 in Santiago del Estero, motivated the majority of vehicle brands to start the seventh month of the year with frozen prices.

In this sense, there are those that have maintained their prices on the brand’s most affordable entry-level models since May. But there are also others that started this July with the same values ​​as last month. And there are also those that currently have prices that are even lower than those of March of this year.

This is what happens in the price survey carried out by this newspaper, based on official information from the brands and taking into account only the cheapest models in different brands sold in the local market. However, in the most expensive vehicles such as some pick-ups and vans, there are discounts of up to $6 million in some units and brands.

In addition, financing of up to 40% of the value of the unit at zero interest rate began to appear in this scenario, and also up to 50% but with fixed installments.

The context

In the cumulative period from January to June of this year, the sale of 0km vehicles measured in registrations in Santiago did not reach 2,000 units when in the same period of 2023, it was almost 3,000.

In June, the number of sales measured in new vehicle registrations in the Automobile Registry fell by 47% in the sixth month of this year. And this fall was also seen on a monthly basis, although to a lesser degree: almost 15%.

In this context, and with an accumulated inflation rate of 71.9% up to May of this year, prices for new vehicles rose by an average of 53%. The brand that increased the most its entry-level vehicles did so by 66%, which also left it below inflation, even recording one more month than the last inflation record.

With this scenario, the smaller or entry-level vehicles of each brand have remained frozen in some cases since May. For example, Renault has the Sandero Life at $23.1 million since May, according to the brand’s official website. The same goes for Peugeot, which offers the 208 Like at $21.4 million, the same as in June. Fiat offers the Cronos 1.3 Like at $20.8 million, also at the same price as last month. Chevrolet offers the Onix Joy at $20.1 million, even a little less than in March. The Yaris, on the other hand, has a lower price now than last March.

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