A famous pickup truck bids farewell to its classic engine with this retro edition

The successful RAM 1500 pickup truck says goodbye to its beloved V8 engine with this fantastic special edition inspired by the Dodge Viper.

Times change, so do pickupsThe trend towards manufacturing vehicles that pollute as little as possible is what is coming, whether you like it or not. V12 and V10 are now extinct, now it’s the turn of the V8that block so famous and loved by four-wheel fans.

And the car manufacturers have no choice: either they jump on the bandwagon of electromobility with fully electric or hybrid propulsion systems or they opt for alternative fuels, although a smaller combustion engine is, for the moment, a valid option.

This is the case of the full-size pickups that are so loved in North American markets, where the Ford F-150 is the undisputed leader. There, the pick up RAM 1500its most emblematic rival along with the Chevrolet Silveradoannounced that will stop producing the famous 5.7-liter HEMI V8 enginewhich will be replaced by a new generation of engines that rely on “downsizing” technology.

As a farewell and in honor of so many years of smooth performance across its entire line of pickup trucks, SUVs, sedans and sports coupes, the tuners are doing their duty by developing their last special units of the RAM 1500 with its iconic V8 under the hood.

Hennessey Mammoth 400, the latest HEMI V8 pickup with Viper style

The RAM 1500 may be retiring its iconic HEMI V8 engine, but it won’t be doing so quietly. The high-performance company Hennesseybased in Texas and famous for achieving extraordinary levels of power and performance in cars and pickup trucks, introduced the new Mammoth 400 2024.

This sad news that shakes the world of fans of these engines will leave a gap that will be filled by the new line of engines. Hurricanewhich have a 6-cylinder in-line architecture, 3 liters of displacement, two turbochargers, and powers ranging from 420 or even 540 horses strength, depending on whether you opt for the normal or high-performance version.

The good news is that the outgoing engine, in its base version, generated 395 horsepower, so what is lost on one side is gained on the other. The bad news? This new special edition is called the 400, because the tuner decided to increase its power electronically only. up to 420 horsespreserving the purity of the HEMI V8.

Instead, it looks like everything will be focused on handling and design. Hennessey has partnered with Fox Factory to develop the pickup, so it has a Fox/Ridetech suspension to bring it closer to the asphalt. In addition, that V8 will make its presence felt through a Borla high performance exhaust with carbon fiber tips.

Like all vehicles customized by the renowned Texas house, the RAM 1500 will have body accessoriessuch as a deep front bumper, a sporty rear bumper, a carbon fiber splitter and side skirts.

Of course buyers will be able to choose between 22 inch wheels in satin black or gloss black, as well as the three available colors: Viper Red, Viper White or GTS Blue, all originally found on the iconic Dodge Viperas well as its classic lines that cover the entire body.

According to the coach, Only 250 units will be manufactured in 2024, but they will be sold globally, meaning someone could end up driving one in countries where it isn’t sold. Pricing and full specifications have not been revealed at this time, but Hennessey will cover the pickup with its three-year, 36,000-mile (60,000 km) warranty.

As the icing on the cake, each of the 250 pickups will feature a numbered engine plate and Hennessey badging, and will be sold exclusively through authorized RAM dealers.

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