The first charging station for electric cars was inaugurated in Junín

An electric charging station is a physical location that provides electricity for the rapid recharging of the batteries of electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The particularity of these Stations is that they are prepared exclusively for this purpose and meet the safety and protection requirements provided for each case, with the capacity to provide a complete and comprehensive recharging service.

A few days ago, through an interview obtained on LT20 Radio Junín, it was learned that Junín already has the first electric service station to replenish energy for these vehicles.

In this regard, Electrical Engineer Pablo Sperafichi, a member of the staff of the local company Electromecánica Rizzo, commented that “the idea of ​​Electromecánica Rizzo was born from promoting electric mobility and being in tune with new technologies in mobility and together with the Brazilian company WEG, which is the manufacturer of WEMOB Station electric chargers, and through an agreement with the people from the Hotel Piedramora we installed the first electric charger in Junín,” he revealed.

Sperafichi then explained that “The idea is that all clients staying at this local hotel can use the Electric Charging Station. For the moment, charging is free and only for those staying at the hotel, but in the future it is likely that it will be offered at a cost to other travelers,” he said.

From a technical point of view, Engineer Sperafichi said that “the charger is 23 kilowatts and is connected to the conventional 220 volt network and has a European-type charging connector, which is the most common for these vehicles around the world.”

Regarding which vehicles can use this type of electric station, he explained that “all 100% electric vehicles such as the Tesla and also hybrid vehicles. Here it should be noted that there are two types of hybrid cars, those that do not require electric charging because they supply their own energy and those that are called chargeable hybrids, which can be charged externally to have greater autonomy and lower fuel consumption. For this type of vehicle, the electric charging station is ideal,” explained the expert.

Finally, it should be noted that today a fully electric car has a range of about 300 kilometers depending on the number and type of batteries it has. And these cars have the particularity of being able to receive fast charges, so it is not necessary to spend hours charging their batteries. Sperafichi explained that “today there are cars that with 3 hours of charging, the entire capacity of their batteries is already completed.”

In this way, Junín, on the busy National Route 7, now has the first electric charging station for clean energy cars. In fact, a few days ago it had its first user, a traveler from Uruguay who drove a 100% electric BYD car.

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